Broken Promises

The Weather Guessers promised a goodly percentage chance of storms today and nothing materialized. It would have been nice to cool off with a shower or two but nothing. My faith in the Weather Guessing System has been dealt yet another blow. Here’s what Weatherbug looks like currently.

2014-06-23 20_50_49

We’ll see if it holds true.

Besides doing a few things around the house that didn’t stir up too much more heat, working on a lesson (and finishing it), feeding the critters (including Twinkle) and airing out the bed—let’s see. That’s about it. I did go to the mailbox, hoping for some communication from Humana. All I got for my trouble was the Bi-Lo print ad that was supposed to come tomorrow.

I’m wearing one of Mother’s dresses. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they just come in four prints. If they came in more, I’d get them.

Tomorrow should be cooler. The predicted high for the valley is 82. Let’s hide and watch and see what happens.

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