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That’s what I see every time I click on “Add New”. Tonight, I’m brain dead so I can’t think of a title. Another Hot One (?) Summertime, Part whatever (?) Keepin’ It Simple (?) Nah. I’ll just not add one. That’s about as original as I feel tonight.

My academy roommate called me and we had an almost hour long conversation about forbears and other items of interest. Most of the ground we went over today was some we’d already covered.

Far as I know, it didn’t rain here today. I went to town so it may have while I was gone but there wasn’t any evidence.

When I was walking toward Walmart from my car (where else?), I heard my name. Turning around, there was one of my former co-workers. She was one who became a retiree last fall. We shouted at each other from a distance and she said she loves retirement and I echoed the sentiment.

artichokeI’d done my homework before I left the house. Publix had Almond Breeze 2/$5, Aldi’s buys were pineapple for 99 cents each and mangos for 49 cents. I saw a woman putting a pineapple in her cart and I told her about Aldi’s price. She held up her phone. She has an app that tells her where something is cheaper. That’s nice but I bet she pays enough for the data plan to eat up her savings. I told her Bi-Lo has avocados for 88 cents. I could tell by the look on her face she didn’t care. Eventually, she told me her husband likes them but she thinks they’re gross. I found heirloom artichokes and got two. She doesn’t like them, either. They weren’t on sale but I wanted ’em so I got ’em.

Checking out, there was a woman behind me who commented on all the fresh food I was buying. She should have seen me in my raw food days.

I’d texted my cousin before I left the house to find out if the critters had been fed. No word back. When I got home, I still hadn’t heard. Not wanting to wait too long and have sugar babies bouncing off the walls of their cages, I called and left a rather snotty voice mail. It wasn’t long until I got a text message to feed until I heard otherwise.

Wearing my MBTs over there today was a bit of a mistake. I had five Catz milling about my legs and part of the point of wearing exercise sandals is to work the muscles while staying balanced. The food pan was full of water so I let go of the handrail beside the steps that are built ‘way too high and made my way to the deck. Emptying the pan, I had to hold to the building and work my way back to the handrail without falling. All this time, the Catz were begging for food. I could just see me falling out there with no way to get in touch with anyone. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

The house was (as my sister [may she rest in peace] would have said) was as hot as the hinges on Hades. It’s supposed to have central air but it must either be turned up high enough to keep it from turning on or turned off completely. It’s a good thing the babies are tropical creatures. As soon as I got inside, I started coughing. I finished up the livestock chores and came home. Still no sign of the Kittenz.

I unloaded the car, got everything put away, drank water, ate supper and have tried to keep cool. It’s 82 in here now. I’m wearing one of my Mother’s dresses. The only thing I don’t like about them is they only come in four prints. If they came in more, I’d get them.

After being out of fruit for a couple of days, I’m going to be eating whatever hasn’t been badly bruised by the cashier. My nectarines were in the bottom of one bag with the bananas, tomatoes and blueberries on top of them. It was my newest Earthbound Farm bag and there were loose berries in the bottom. They left little purple tracks. I’m not going to report her. I do compliment the ones that do a good job, though.

DD didn’t call. I would imagine she is busy getting settled into her apartment. This is the first time she will really be on her own. She ended up with her bed, the living room furniture and the kitchen table + chairs. She has a built-in desk so she won’t take the one from her home office but she did take her chair. There are a few things she’ll have to buy but she has the important things. I’m looking forward to pictures.

I haven’t touched the lessons today. I just have two more to do to finish the upcoming quarter. Then it will be time to start on Q4.

Twinkle is making her way into the kitchen. I guess she’ll be wanting some food. It would be nice if she could eat cheaper stuff but that ain’t gonna happen.

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  1. Denise June 23, 2014 at 7:16 am #

    Food for health or taste ?

    • Tommie June 23, 2014 at 8:36 am #

      One doesn’t preclude the other. Thankfully, God made it for both! 😀

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