Rain, Rain

After the gully washer Thursday, I thought the sunshine of yesterday morning boded well for the day. Not so. There was more crashing and crackling and rain coming down in torrents. It didn’t last long but I decided, once again, I didn’t want to have to juggle purchases and an umbrella. I stayed home where I could be dry.

I did get some Things Done in spite of the 83 degree temperature in the house. Laundry, cooking, cleaning out Twinkle’s litter box among other things. No. I didn’t clean her litter box among other things. I cleaned it. Period. The other things took place at a different time so don’t get smart with me.

The Shopper never came this week so I’ll have to see if there’s a store with a good price on bananas or forego matching. I thought, surely, it would be in the mailbox yesterday but nothing was there. At all. That’s fine with me. No mail, no junk to dispose of.

My cousin said the critters would need to be fed (by me) but that she’d be here today to do it. I trust she was.

One of my friends from church called, all excited. She’d found out about an unclaimed money site and, while searching for names she knew, one popped up with DD’s name on it. It would have been nice, but the middle initial wasn’t right. She tried my name and several others but no riches were in my future or my children’s.

I’d made a deal with the SSNET editor. If she would take care of the titles and tags, I would do the rest. I had mobile lesson #11 well underway when I noticed the title was from the current quarter. Without thinking it through, I closed the file and when I was asked if I wanted to save it, I said no. Consequently, I lost major changes I’d made. Oh, well. That would mean redoing it. Usually, that would translate into job security but I don’t need anything to guarantee it. I have a job for life or longer if I’m not careful.

My academy roommate is back at searching out my family tree. If she looks far enough, she’ll probably find one of my ancestors swinging from a branch. She called me last night and told me she’s spent, so far, around 24 hours on it. That’s a whole day, folks. More than half a week’s work if one were being paid for it. We talked longer than planned but that isn’t surprising. We were never at a loss for words when we were living together.

Turns out, though, that we don’t always see eye to eye on movies. I’d been rhapsodizing about “The Princess Bride” so she put in for it on Netflix at my recommendation. When I asked her how she liked it, she ‘lowed it wasn’t her cuppa tea. She told me I should watch a documentary about Margaret Thatcher. Now, I’ve always admired the lady but I haven’t been particularly drawn to finding out a lot about her background and/or other accomplishments. I may get around to it someday but I’m definitely going to reward myself with another viewing of “Bride” when I finish up the lessons for the third quarter.

I went to bed not long after we hung up but I didn’t go to sleep until a little past midnight. The timer still blasted in my ear this morning and I had to get up whether I wanted to or not. Today and next Sabbath and then I’ll have a reprieve.

It was a couple minutes until 9 when I got to the church. DD’s old schoolmate’s oldest son came out and helped me carry things in. He’s a handsome lad and is very polite. He has a younger brother and sister who are equally so. Their parents can be very proud.

The pianist arrived shortly after I did and we got busy practicing. Then it was time to play according to the schedule.

The church was warm enough to begin with that I didn’t need my jacket. Then, when I went to the front, it was definitely cooler. I put my jacket on, got too warm and took it off. There was no way to get comfortable.

Since everything was handled by the ladies today, seems they all had to confirm the theory that women talk a lot. The pianist and I did our special music and we both lived through it. It was almost 11:55 when the preliminaries were over and the speaker stood up. Thankfully, the lady is a very talented speaker and it didn’t matter that she took up all of the time that would have been allotted to her had she started on time.

The house was cooler than outside for a change. Maybe it was because the front door was closed during the period when the sun would be beating down on the deck. If I had it to do over, I would not have a see-through roof on it.

Twinkle was glad I was home. She was out of food. I fed both of us and sat down to rest a bit. That’s when I dozed off completely.

When I woke, it looked like it was almost sundown. Thunder was rolling and lightning bolts were flashing all around. There wasn’t any time at all between flashes and crashes. The storm must’ve been right on top of us. The rain poured down and beat on the roof. Made me glad I have a good ‘un.

Later, after the storm was over, I looked out and it was like almost dark rather than over an hour until sundown according to my little Sunrise/Sunset program. I got my camera to record it.

Almost dark?

I heard hissing behind me. It was coming from inside the house. When I turned around, I found out why.


I did get some mail today. It was addressed to Tommy and the salutation was “Mr.” That’s okay. It contained a coupon for a free jar of Vegenaise to replace the awful organic one I’d had to throw away. The value is not more than $9 on any size or flavor so I’ll be able to buy a quart of the grapeseed oil variety.

Well, it’s nighttime for sure out there now and I should fold up my tent and silently steal away. I may go to town tomorrow. It looks like the only day this week when there’s a small chance of storms rather than a BIG one.

4 Responses to Rain, Rain

  1. Joanie June 21, 2014 at 10:18 pm #

    We drove home through that storm…. It was NOT fun! I wanted to BE home!

    • Tommie June 21, 2014 at 10:21 pm #

      I don’t blame you. It wasn’t kidding around.

  2. Mary Jane June 22, 2014 at 10:08 am #

    I could use some of that rain! We had a storm and downpour Friday, but it didn’t last long.
    There had been brief showers Wed. and Thurs., but we need more.

    • Tommie June 22, 2014 at 10:26 am #

      Weatherbug shows storms in the forecast every day this week. There’s even a 20% chance for today.

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