Winning When I Didn’t

Last night, after I finished my blog post, I checked Facebook “one last time” before heading to bed. That’s when I saw there was activity on Wordscraper. I got all excited. Genese had played! Woohoo!! Wordscraper wasn’t dead, after all.

Clicking on the link, it took me here:

What the?

How could I win when Genese all but had the game in the bag? She was over 3k points ahead of me. That doesn’t sound like my winning.

This morning, I looked into it. The board puzzled me. It said the same thing.

I Won, NOT!

The graph didn’t help. My green line was much lower than her blue one.

Genese was ahead.

I was going to email Support but I decided I’d look at the FAQs first. I got my answer:

Hi there,

As per the new rules, if your opponent does not play a move for more than 14 days, they will lose the game automatically, provided 4 or more moves have been played in that game. Your opponent will lose the game even if their score is higher, and you will get the win and points.

If less than 4 moves have been played, the game will instead be deleted.

Hence, the nudge and force win options are no longer required. Also, remember that your opponent will get a reminder to play their turn 2 days in advance.

We understand that the 2 weeks period might not suit all players, but we can’t have multiple options for this and this time period was chosen based on a general consensus.

So, now I have a win in my stats that really isn’t a win. There’s another game that Genese hasn’t played for 11 days. On day 13, I think I’ll delete it—or concede so it will make the “winnin'” even. Wordscraper is dead. Long live Wordscraper.

Twinkle was down to a little over a can of food so I called the Animal Hospital yesterday afternoon. Yes, they had a case in stock.

Walmart and the AH were my destinations today. I wore slacks and a top with 3/4 length sleeves because it was still chilly out here on the mountain. That wasn’t true for town, though. A sad thing was that there was no coupon available for Twinkle’s food.

Back home, I pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door. I needed to put some things in the freezer. The kittens were on top of the little box/house my cousin had set up for them and loudly squeaking. They sound more like birds than kittens. The gray one’s eyes were glued shut again so I found a washcloth and took care of them.

With everyone fed, I came on home and unloaded. I’ve been so sleepy, I wasn’t able to hold my eyes open after I ate so I napped a bit.

Twinkle is looking for food. If she’s going to eat so durn much, she could at least put on some weight.

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  1. Lila June 12, 2014 at 7:48 am #

    Glad Genese is back in the game! I’m wondering if there is a special dictionary for Wordscraper words. And how are the words scraped?

    • Tommie June 12, 2014 at 8:00 am #

      I wish that were true but she isn’t. The game was credited to me after she hadn’t played a word for two weeks.

      No special dictionary but there is a “word-checker” built into the game you can use to determine if a collection of letters is valid. This is a UK board. There are more options for words than in the US version.

      I don’t understand your question. “Wordscraper” is just the name of the game like “Rummikub” is the name of the game.

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