It’s Alive!!

When I was outside yesterday, I went over to check around what used to be the fig tree. For a wonder, it’s coming up from the roots! It will probably be a season or two before it bears figs again but there’s hope! I didn’t have my camera with me so I took a picture today.

Up from the Ashes

The old growth needs to be cut away and whatever kind of poison vine that is done away with but I won’t be getting too close this year, anyway.

My cousin came out and mowed this morning. It had rained hard last night and the grass was still wet but she has to do it whenever she has time. I went out when she’d finished and she was shouting something to me from the garage. I couldn’t hear her so she came over and asked if I’d wanted to surprise her. I had no idea what she was talking about. “The kittens under the freezer?” HUH?? I didn’t know nuthin’ about no kittens.

I followed her over. There were two tiny kittens—one black, the other gray. She said the black one had its eyes open but the other one didn’t. I picked the gray one up and found out why. Its eyelids were stuck together with matter. I came in the house, got a wet washcloth and cleaned it up. It seemed happy to be able to see.

That’s when I came back in and got my camera.

Side By Side

I never did get a picture of their faces.


I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.

Follow the Leader

My cousin said she is going to get rid of all the animals. I think she’s feeling overwhelmed with the new arrivals. I guess Six is female, after all. Six is the only one of the Catz that didn’t get fixed. Anyway, there’s a mama cat with two kittens at her partner’s house where she and my CIL have been staying. That makes 10 felines, all told, and three sugar babies. Quite a menagerie. I’m such a pushover, I’d take the kittens in a heartbeat if Twinkle ate regular food. As it is, I can only have one cat and she’s it.

It was mailbox replacement day. The old mailbox I’d brought up from Alabama and bequeathed to my in-laws and then to subsequent residents of their house had started rusting out on the bottom. Cuz had bought a new huge one at my CIL’s direction because I get packages and the mailman/person has instructions to leave them in their box if they’re too big for mine and small enough to go in theirs.

My mailbox is okay but it’s just been sitting on top of the post with nothing fastening it for a long, long time. No more. She took it down, put a new board under it and it’s securely attached to the post. One of her crew helped with the re-installation.

The Postman Will Be Happy

My Cousin Twin had been weed-eating earlier.

Twin Cousin

I used to have lots of tiger lilies beside my house but I think all the black walnut trees have choked them out. This is on my cousin’s side.

This Year's Tiger Lilies

I brought the washcloth in and hung it on the mop bucket in the utility room. Twinkle was very curious and smelled it for several minutes. She’s easily entertained.

There were several storm watches/warnings out this afternoon. At one point, there were eight severe weather alerts on Weatherbug. It clouded up and rained for a long time with a few rumbles of thunder. My sisters have been complaining about the heat in NC. It got down to 65 and was so cool in the house I put my robe over Mother’s dress to keep warm enough. The fan’s been off much of the day. Just wait, though. Hot weather is coming.

4 Responses to It’s Alive!!

  1. Mary Jane June 11, 2014 at 7:56 am #

    Those kittens are precious! I don’t think Tinkle would take kindly to having them join the family, even if you would.

    It really hasn’t been too hot in my part of NC yet. I’m wearing a sweater this morning, but I know that will change when summer really comes.

    • Tommie June 11, 2014 at 8:12 am #

      No, I doubt Twinkle would welcome the kittens with open paws.

      Guess I should have said “sister” rather than using the plural.

  2. Mary Jane June 11, 2014 at 9:41 am #

    Also glad your fig tree is alive! We had one at our house in Denver that had good figs.

    • Tommie June 11, 2014 at 10:03 am #

      The last two years have been good ones for the figs. I’ve really enjoyed them. Maybe next year I’ll have a few.

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