You Know What Happens When You Assume.

After I’d finished last night’s post, I opened the bill from the hospital. It wasn’t for $550. It was for $65. That’s the bill the young lady had told me to ignore so I assumed the envelope held the inpatient co-pay. Tomorrow is Memorial Day (and thank you to all the people who have served in the armed forces) so I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to call about it. It’s still showing up as adjusted on Humana’s web site so I know I don’t owe it.

There was a blog comment waiting to be approved, trashed or marked as spam when I first sat down at the computer. Clicking on it, there was a window that said in so many words, “Sorry, Charlie!” I went to Is It Down Right Now? and it verified that it was down for everyone—not just me. I texted merm. It was about 5 o’clock where she lives so I knew it was a bit early, especially for a Sunday. When I heard back later on, it had come back up all by itself. Whew!

Well, the screen door has been compromised again. This time, it’s loose all the way across the bottom. I think it needs some kind of heavy screening to keep animals from knocking it out of its groove. Maybe I should have bars on both sides. I need to be able to keep the front door open while keeping animals and bugs (and people) out so there can be a cross-current of air.

I heard some mewing outside so I went to look and lo! there were Catz lining the deck. Twinkle went over and hissed at them, letting them know who was Queen. I texted my cousin and asked when the Catz had been fed. She texted back that she’d given them enough yesterday to do them until tomorrow morning. If I wanted to feed them that was fine, though. Problem with giving them extra food is that the other animals in the neighborhood think it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet and help themselves. No wonder the Catz acted hungry.

As soon as I picked up the keys, they were all on high alert. That could only mean one thing—FOOD! I started to the house but I was distracted by RIPE STRAWBERRIES!! I stopped and ate all I could find that were ready. They’re much better right off the plants than they are to bring them in and DO things to them. I might have gotten a bit of B-12, too.

The Catz were getting increasingly anxious so I quit foraging and went to the house.

The sugar babies had water but no food. I don’t think they caught onto the fact that their supply was supposed to last for two days. I broke out a new jar of baby food, filled their bowls and gave them some dry treats. The Catz were still to feed so I took care of them and came on home.

My oldest sister’s daughters are supposed to come to visit next week. I’ve been trying to get an idea of what they want to do on the day that I’m the only one available to entertain them. They were supposed to Skype and settle the question and then get back to me. I haven’t heard anything. I talked to DS1 to make sure that he’ll be around one of the days they’re in the area and he can’t promise anything for sure. If he does have to work, it will be a short day but that will push it late for a visit. It’s kind of hard to coordinate everyone when people work for a living.

It stormed a little late this morning. Tomorrow has another chance as does Tuesday. I have enough food in the house that I don’t HAVE to go anywhere any time soon. Hooray for our side!

It’s amazing what you can find on the WWW these days. I remember when there was hardly anything out there and you had to really dig. It was like a treasure hunt. Now, just type in a name and you’re bound to find something. That’s what I did with my father’s name. It brought up his burial place and when I was scrolling through the names, I found so many that were familiar and brought back a rush of memories. That took care of half an hour. I could spend the rest of the night on it but I won’t.

I lied. I looked up (and found) my mother’s grave stone, my maternal grandparents’ and my favorite aunt’s. And now I’ll quit.

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