My Summer Wardrobe

While it was still sort of cool, I did my body test (came in at 20 for the fourth time this month) (on May 2, I tested at 33) (big difference). That was followed by my first 16 ozzies of water for the day, my quiet time, another 8 ozzies of water about an hour after the initial one.

DressI’d put on my housecoat when I got up but it became very clear that I wouldn’t be comfortable in it long. I changed into my new dress my mother would have loved. In the summer, she liked to wear clothes around the house that touched her “nowhere but the shoulders”. That’s what this dress is. Beautiful, it isn’t. Comfortable, it is.

When I ordered it, I had made my mind up I’d get the other three if the first one worked out. It did so I did. I sat myself down to complete my set. I’ll have enough to wear without having to do laundry every day or two.

My cousin called when she broke for lunch. I was eating breakfast. She said she needs to mow the lawn. The next few days are predicted to be sunny and hot until Friday when storms are to roll in. The church will be closed Sabbath for services in the state park. Storms are to stretch through Monday. Of course, that could change half a dozen times between now and then.

The Catz were laying low, probably to keep cool. Two showed up to be fed and they were joined by one more when I came home. The babies seemed especially hungry. It was earlier in the day than when they usually feed but a couple of them put in an appearance.

As long as I didn’t move around too much, I’ve been cool enough. The fans have been pressed back into service and Twinkle’s heating pad has been turned off. Exercising was made possible by having two fans blowing on me much of the time.

I’ve opened the windows in the dining room, kitchen and utility room. The fan-on-a-stand is in the kitchen trying to pull the 63 degree outside air into the 81 degree living room where I’m sitting. It got up to 101 in the sun today. I hope I can handle whatever temperatures come our way this summer. To make sure the a/c didn’t kick on (it was set to 90), I turned it off. Completely.

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  1. Mary Jane May 6, 2014 at 7:57 pm #

    Glad you’ve found something cool and comfortable!

    • Tommie May 6, 2014 at 8:07 pm #

      Just got a notice the others have shipped!

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