It Should Have Been Simple

Today was the day my cousin was getting her computer after I’d wiped it clean and started over. I had my devotions, took a shower and got dressed, then I called to see if the time was right. She said to come on over. It was raining—not hard but hard enough for an umbrella. I got my laptop case, stowed hers inside and slung it on my back so both hands would be free.

When I went in, she and my CIL were up. Her construction partner had spent the night but he was sleeping in.

Unpacking the notebook, I got it going and started trying to detect her wireless printer. I installed the software for it but the computer still couldn’t find it. After at least a half hour of trying with my cousin pushing the button on the router, I chose to key in the passcode manually. I wasn’t even smart enough to get the keyboard to switch from alpha to numerals.

THEN it hit one of us—I don’t remember which—that the computer wasn’t on the network. Of course it couldn’t find the printer! I got the passcode again and signed onto WiFi. What a difference! It detected the printer right away and I was able to print a test sheet. I synced the computers and left after giving the mail my CIL had brought in to my cousin to trash.

I’d taken my meds but hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. I was more than halfway through my smoothie when there was a terrific pulling sensation with pain right above my belly button. It was so intense, I broke out in a cold sweat and felt, just for a few seconds, like I was going to pass out.

I went into the bathroom and sat down. The pain slowly subsided. I went back and finished breakfast. The only thing I can figure is that something was pulling on scar tissue and causing the pain. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Yesterday, I watched season eight, episode 30 of the Andy Griffith Show. It was the one that introduced Mayberry R.F.D. When it was over, the counter went back to season one, episode one. I searched for Mayberry R.F.D. but it isn’t on Netflix. I looked on Hulu and, for some wild and unknown reason, it brought up Grey’s Anatomy. So…today, I started on The Wonder Years. There are only 115 episodes vs 249 of Andy but it should keep me exercising for a while.

Genese was back on Wordscraper after being locked out for days. The lead is see-sawing back and forth on one game. We’ll see how things go with her next play.

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