Party Time?

For days, my Mii has been reminding me about DD’s birthday. “DD’s birthday is coming up. Are you planning a party? Maybe a special gift?” Well, what my Mii doesn’t realize is that DD is clear across the country and there’s no way I could throw a party. I did send her a gift and a card and an ecard and I called her. Considering everything, that’s probably sufficient.

It’s hard to believe that this little two year old girl

DD Fall 1980

is now a 36 year old woman.

On to current events…

After learning new things about my camera, I decided I would delve further. The internal memory is 102 MB. This chart shows how many exposures can be stored on the internal memory and how many a 4 GB card will hold.

Internal Memory vs 4 GB Card

Now, in today’s terms, the internal memory is pretty small. Compare that, though, to my first digital camera. It came with an 8 MB card. I bought a 32 MB card which quadrupled the storage (like Jethro, I can cipher). However, the internal memory is 12.75 times the size of my very first digital card. Amazing!

Then I found that the camera has PictBridge which means it can connect to a printer with the same technology and allow for direct printing from the camera. Hmmmmmmmm. I consulted the specs for my printer and voilà! my printer also has PictBridge. It isn’t something I’ll ever use, I’m sure. It’s very seldom I print a picture and when I do, I want to make sure it’s up to snuff before I do. It is a good selling point because there are people out there who want that feature. Why, I don’t know, but they do.

My sister’s Greetings Workshop and Windows 7 won’t dance the dance. I started looking at programs of that type and found Printmaster 18.1 for less than $10 on Amazon. My first Printmaster program was on CD and it had to be in the drive to use it. Then I had Printmaster Gold which had a program CD that was installed plus eight (I think) more CDs that had the art work. I have a later Printmaster somewhere but I know not where. It’s a good program but it’s so old, I’m sure it wouldn’t work on this computer. So…in spite of my budget being blown to bits, I ordered 18.1. It should be here Wednesday.

I still have my cousin’s computer. I’m to take it over in the morning and install the printer. She called this evening to let me know she found the disk.

It’s been a warm day. I kept the front door open this afternoon. The temperature indoors got up to 77 degrees. I know the maximum for outdoors isn’t right since the sensor is in the sun. According to that, the high was 93. I hate to think how hot it may get in here this summer. I’m gonna miss my air conditioner.

Twinkle’s had a good brushing. A lot of her winter coat is gone. Too bad I don’t have something similar I can shed.

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  1. Lila April 22, 2014 at 6:30 am #

    No air conditioner? I’ve already used mine.

    • Tommie April 22, 2014 at 7:02 am #

      The a/c is there and I’m sure it still works but it uses the same duct work the furnace does. I’d planned to hire someone to clean it thoroughly (when my cousin’s crew member did it, he cleaned the registers and maybe a foot on either side). Mice had set up housekeeping complete with pooping and peeing in the ducts. I didn’t use the furnace all last winter because of that and I survived. My having to spend money hand over fist has pulverized my budget.

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