Braving the Shower

With the current “hot” water situation, I couldn’t be sure whether I wanted to cleanse my body or not. Believe me, I don’t want to get to the point where I stifle myself but it isn’t fun any more. It isn’t even pleasant. I let the hours drag by until I plucked up the courage to try it. Last time, it was hard to adjust the water temperature so it was satisfactory. Today, I didn’t even try. I just turned the hot water on—no cold—and got in.

At first, it seemed a bit too hot but that didn’t last long. I guess the hot mixed with the cold in the tank and cooled it down. I took my shower, then ended it with straight cold water. The cold was as cold as usual. No surprises there.

Before I went to bed last night, I went in and checked my claims on Humana’s site. The hospitalist’s bill has been submitted and is still in review. At the moment, it’s flagged as out of network. Day one, the charge was $330. Days two and three, $174 each. Of the $678 total, they have my responsibility as $269.25. I sent a secure message saying (essentially), “Huh-uh. No way. This was in conjunction with an in-network visit. Reprocess.” I haven’t gotten a reply but I’m sure it won’t be long in coming. History says so.

Today was sunny as yesterday was gloomy. It was still chilly. When I cleaned out Twinkle’s cat box around sundown, it had started sprinkling. I don’t think it did much.

Well, along with the hot water situation, the water pressure has been down ever since the installation. Something isn’t right. I don’t know what. If it were a computer problem, I could handle it but I’m not a plumber.

It’s official. I have a title and am on the team page. The title is an important-sounding one. Associate Editor of the Online Sabbath School Lessons. Now, if I got a paycheck that was as impressive as the title, I’d be sitting pretty. Fact of the matter is, I come off better than the editor. She’s pretty much bankrolling the whole shebang.

I won another Wordscraper game. Genese keeps setting up plays for me I can’t pass up. I’m ahead in the other two games we’re playing but that may not last long. She’ll let me think I’m winning and then go BAM!

2 Responses to Braving the Shower

  1. Mary Jane April 9, 2014 at 6:40 am #

    Congratulations on your recognition as an associate editor! You put in many hours of work as a volunteer editor and as an unpaid problem solver for all of us who holler for computer help.

    • Tommie April 9, 2014 at 8:28 am #

      Thank you! I enjoy most of it. It’s cleaning up other people’s messes that can be frustrating.

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