Venturing Forth

The computer was all boxed up and ready to mail but it wasn’t going anywhere if I didn’t take it to the post office. It was eight days past when I’d originally planned to send it on its way.

Talk about luxury! I didn’t have the timer going off in my ear this morning. I rolled out of bed of my own accord and it felt so good! My mouth still had a metallic taste. I guess it takes a few days for it to wear off.

I was down to my last two bananas and they were very ripe. I peeled them (of course) and put them in the blender with some almond mylk, vanilla and a bit of black salt. After whizzing that all up, I slowly savored it. It was good! Then I had some avocado mashed up on a couple of pieces of toast. One of my 49 cent avos had to be thrown away.

When I looked out to see what the weather was like, I was surprised to see a couple of boxes by the door. One was my NAC that I would have run out of had I not been sick and the other was Twinkle’s plate/bowl. Next time I order the NAC, I’ll do it soon enough to get it on subscription to take advantage of the discount.

Getting out of the bathtub, I heard the phone ringing. I didn’t make it to answer but it wasn’t a call from Jamaica. It was a reminder of my next appointment to see my PCP.

I hadn’t heard whether the Housesitter was going to make it today or not so I texted my cousin and, sure enough, I was to do the feeding. It could wait until I got home from town.

Dressed and ready to face the world, I put the big box in the car. I’d utilized much of the packing from this computer to “do up” that one.

Going toward town, the car just naturally turned off to go to Walmart. I had to work my way back to the post office. The ladies there are so nice! When the one waiting on my told me the price, I thought she was saying it was three times what it actually was. By the time I bought insurance to cover it, it was still less than half what I had imagined her to say. And, no, I hadn’t worn my hearing aids. We had a good laugh about it, anyway. Since, I’ve been tracking the package and it’s in Chattanooga at the sort facility that was rumored to be closed a couple of years ago. Must not have been.

From there, I actually did go to Walmart. As soon as I went in, the produce guy hollered at me that “they aren’t Ciruli Brothers but I have champagne mangoes.” I asked to see them and when the fellow brought them out, they didn’t look half bad. For 68 cents each, I’d take a chance. He put the box in my buggy.

Checking my coupons, I discovered I had three for “mylk” that would expire after today. One was $1.50 off two cartons. The other two were $1 each off one. I’d have to do some refrigerator clearing to fit four half gallons in but I wasn’t going to lose out on that saving. I finished my other shopping and went to check out.

The man who was cashiering carefully piled a lot of the mangoes on the scale. Just before the avalanche started, he weighed them and, of course, it asked for the quantity. He was a bit embarrassed and told me he’d thought they sold by the lub. Well, no. He piled them back into the box.

Piled In

I got everything loaded into the car and stopped at Bi-Lo for one thing the Walmart doesn’t carry. It’s So Delicious Coconut Creamer. When I got the coupon out ($1 off one), it dawned on me I could’ve used it at Walmart for my ice cream. Oh, well.

Pooped wasn’t the word when I finally made it home. I emptied the mailbox of over a weeks’ worth of mail (most of it went in the trash) and came to the house. The Catz came and let me know they were hungry. I dragged myself over to the house, fed the babies, then put the Catz food on a shelf up high where the Dawgz couldn’t get it.

I came inside, started relieving the fridge of its store of unusables and unloaded the car. I got everything put away, took the compost out (I discarded all of the leftover lentils, rice, mushrooms and onion plus lots of broccoli stems I was going to use for soup “someday”) and had to sit down for a few minutes.

The way the mangoes were piled into the box bothered me. There’s a certain way they are packed so I took them all out and put them back.

A Semblance of Order

That done, I fixed a bit of supper and ate.

Twinkle is doing much better with her plate/bowl. Since it’s very shallow, it doesn’t “tease” her whiskers the way the deeper bowls did. And the food doesn’t stick to it. Two purchases in a row that work! I feel like I’m on a roll.

Genese is battling a kidney stone. Hopefully, it will be gone soon and she can feel better.

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