It Must Be Nice

Twinkle has it made. The only time she doesn’t get her own way is when I can’t let her on my lap. Or when I don’t open the door quickly enough to suit her in the morning. She’ll curl up and go to sleep whenever she wants but I have to stay awake.

Thursday night, I was tired of Twinkle’s scratching. I got out the Advantage and put some between her shoulder blades. For a wonder, she stood still while I did it. Well, I said I put it between her shoulder blades but it actually ended up a little to one side. It was enough that she managed to get in a good lick. It wasn’t long before she had long ropes of saliva hanging from her chin. I caught her and wiped it off. She was definitely not in a good mood but I’m sorry. I don’t know if the cats have fleas or not but there are plenty of other critters around that do. And I don’t need an invasion.

Yesterday, Twinkle spent much of the day sleeping. Mine was spent doing chores around the house I started on a carrot cake but I didn’t have enough carrots. It fell to me (as mostly usual) to feed the critters so I decided I would look to see if my cousin had a carrot or two I could purloin.

The cats followed me to the house and were most anxious to be fed. I took care of the babies and was concerned to see the males hadn’t eaten all of their food from the day before. I washed out their dish and gave them some fresh. The females had licked theirs up and would have probably been happy with some more.

I looked in the fridge for carrots and couldn’t find any but I did see something interesting. It was the container of potato salad I’d given my cousin after the picnic out at the park two days before Labor Day. I could have sworn she told me she ate every bite but it was all still there and it had turned into a science project. It was kind of gratifying to know I’m not the only one with Stuff growing in my fridge.

After I’d fed the cats, I glanced out toward the road and spied—daffodils in bloom! I had to stop and pick a bouquet. I brought them into the house and put them in a glass of water. Mother would have carefully arranged them but I had neither the time or inclination to do it. Here’s the picture I posted on Facebook:


The posy picking delayed me and my cake didn’t get into the oven until a little over a half hour until sundown. At least I had the actual work done.

I was in bed by a reasonable hour. I needed to get up this morning and finish my food for the fellowship meal. I’d decided to take a salad for my savory dish. My little travel alarm clock might alarm if set and it might not. If the alarm is turn on and then off, it might alarm, anyway. I didn’t want to disturb it so I did the old Google timer. I set the number of hours until I was to get up and started it.

The speakers quit so I wasn’t sure it would be loud enough to wake me. There was no reason for concern. When it started, I could have been peeled off the ceiling. I had to get up to stop it and I was wide awake. There was no going back to bed for forty winks.

I got up, did my body test, iced the cake, made the salad, got treats ready for Genese and had my quiet time. After breakfast and a quick bath (believe me—if people only knew, they would be forever grateful I did that), I got dressed (another must) and left for church.

All my food was in the car and I totally forgot about getting it out during Sabbath School class. I asked the newest deacon to do it for me and he willingly obliged.

It went much better today with the music. I’d copied a lot of songs so I wouldn’t have to be juggling songbooks during the meditation time. There was once when the sheet started to fall but I just put it where I could still see it and finished the song.

We had a guest speaker from the Conference Trust Services. It was a good service.

Sometimes there are very few desserts at the fellowship meal but there was a wealth of them today. I cut 16 pieces of cake and ate one, myself. I was sitting next to one of my friends and she was eating the cake (which didn’t turn out as well as usual) but had left the icing. I told her it wasn’t overly sweet. She wailed, “But it’s LEMON!” I’d thought it could use more tang but it proves not all taste buds are alike. On my left was another friend who ate a piece of the cake and took the last three pieces home with her. One of the ladies came over and asked if it was raw. No. It just didn’t turn out right. She does want the recipe, though.

My friend and I went to see Genese and I unloaded all the stuff I’d taken her. She got a BIG piece of cake. It’s rather dry and crumbly this time. I was disappointed. Someone had commented on the recipe that she had substituted coconut oil for the Earth Balance. Since I didn’t have enough of the EB, I used coconut oil and I think that had a lot to do with it.

Anyway, we talked a bit and a couple of aides came to minister to Genese. I was running on fumes by that time so we left and I came on home.

My sisters had emailed news of the passing of a friend, former neighbor and boss. I worked for her in her beauty shop until DH and I got married. The only shower of any kind I ever had was in her beauty shop. The memorial was today and it was already over by the time I got here. I sent a private Facebook message to her daughter and posted a message in her memory book.

My friend wants to come by tomorrow afternoon and have a “jam session”. She does love to play and has several different instruments. I’ll have to “redden out the house” (a Motherism) so it will be presentable.

Well, folks, it’s time for me to close this down and do elsewise. Good night.

4 Responses to It Must Be Nice

  1. Lila March 9, 2014 at 9:11 am #

    The daffodils are beautiful! They don’t need special arranging, just a vase and water.

    • Tommie March 9, 2014 at 9:23 am #

      In this case, they are in a glass.

  2. Denise March 10, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

    The daffodils were as pretty as a floral shop! Good job hope you do this again. Thanks for the food and music, better than going to a restaurant. God Bless! 🙂

    • Tommie March 12, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

      I hope your outcome wasn’t the same as mine!

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