Am I a Little Claustrophobic?

It’s late getting to my post. I had to go to the pulmonologist and it was almost full dark when I got to the house. I’ll try to make this brief but you know me. I can make a short story long.

My cousin was planning to take me but she’s still not feeling up to par. I didn’t have to rush because my appointment wasn’t until 3:30. I figured if I left here at 2 it would give me plenty of time to make it through school zones and whatever.

I’d noticed that my cyclamen was droopy.


I added some water to the container the pot sits in and I took pictures off and on during the day.

Getting a Drink

Looking Better

When I took my bath, Twinkle came in and sat on the side of the tub and kept me company. She didn’t drink my bathwater, though. It’s the first time she’s done that. The Bubbler is doing its job and she’s drinking enough to keep her hydrated. Something I’ve bought her is working!!

I remembered to wear a “two-piece” at the request of the doctor. I also put in my hearing aids. I was ready to walk out the door at 1:45. That was fine. I’d rather have plenty of time.

For some unknown and ignorant reason, I decided I wouldn’t go the way I usually do but I’d take the scenic route through town. It wasn’t a problem as I was sailing south until I got closer. They’ve been doing road work (as usual—someone posted on Facebook something about “Chattanooga” is an old Indian word meaning “constant highway construction”. That’s not what it said but it’s the gist.)

Well, part of that construction was building high retaining walls right next to the right lane. I was in the right lane with cars whizzing past me on the left. If anything at all happened, there was nowhere for me to go. I’d get past one and heave a sigh of relief only to have another one looming.

Then, when I got across the bridge, I was so rattled I was an exit late. That made me have to wind around to get to the hospital. No problem, time-wise.

Whenever my cousin would take me, I’d tell her we should park on the roof. She’d laugh at me and not do it so since I was the driver today, I parked on the roof. It was a nice sunny day so I knew my car would be warm when I got through—as long as it wasn’t too late.

I’d told my cousin the appointment was at 3:30 so that meant I’d probably see the doctor at 6. I signed in and sat down to look at magazines. There was an article about insurance that was very interesting. I had almost half an hour to kill and it kept me occupied most of that time. When the woman called me back to weigh me and do the pulmonary function test, I took the magazine with me and finished the article between sessions of “take a deep breath and BLOW!”

I asked what had happened to the Food Network magazines that used to be in the waiting room. She said she’s the one who would bring them and someone must’ve taken them. She laughed when I told her those were one reason I go to that office.

My O2 sat was a bit on the low side after the first part of the PFT. It’s usually 98-99% but it was 95%. She didn’t test it again after she gave me the albuterol. I’d coughed my guts up when I’d had that before but it didn’t affect me as much today.

She put me in the exam room and said the doctor would be in soon. I scrounged around and found another magazine to look at then took some pictures through the window with my cell phone. I’ll have to see if any of them are fit to post tomorrow. It’s too late tonight.

By and by, the doctor came in. First thing he does is shake my hand and ask how I’m doing. I told him okay. Just okay? Well, wonderfully fantastic. He laughed. He asked me the usual questions. When do I get short of breath? Do I get short of breath when I’m sitting down or lying down? Do I ever cough up blood? Then he came over, took my jacket and put it on a chair and unhooked my bra. At least I was expecting it this time. He listened to me breathe, then hooked my bra back for me. That was a first.

My lungs must’ve sounded fairly clear because he asked if I ever have wheezing. Yes, I do from time to time. Not always. Then he asked me about the barium swallow. I confessed I hadn’t had it done. Well, he advised me to do it. Problems with esophageal reflux can cause coughing and congestion. I told him I had acid reflux following my gallbladder surgery and my PCP had put me on Dexilant for 20 days and I’m taking PPI’s daily now. Well, that isn’t the same as esophageal reflux. So I asked, “If I do have it, what could you do to fix it?” He looked a little taken aback and said, “We-ell, there’s surgery but it can end up making it worse instead of better. There used to be a medication that helped a lot but it caused cardiac problems so it was taken off the market. The one prescribed now can cause neurological problems so there really isn’t any treatment I could recommend.” So why have the test??

A phone call interrupted our exchange and when he got back, I told him about my experience with carbon monoxide. He assured me that there’s no long-lasting lung damage with CO. There goes THAT theory.

He wound up the consultation by telling me my condition is stable. I have the ultimate decision but that he would urge me to have the barium swallow. The nurse came in after he left and told me when my next appointment is and she mentioned the swallow. I told her I still have the order. She said she can schedule it for me whenever I want to have it. Well, I don’t want. I didn’t tell her that but I don’t believe in unnecessary testing.

The car was nice and warm and I left the parkade at 5 o’clock.

You can rest assured I didn’t go back the way I came. And you can also rest assured I got into rush hour traffic. It was inch along and stop and go for several miles. I soon got out of that, though, and I realized I would be going right by Aldi. Since I was the driver, I could stop!

Big mistake. The mistake wasn’t stopping at Aldi. It was stopping at Aldi when I was close to starvation. Everything looked good. I spent $50—and at Aldi, that’s a lot.

The rest of the trip was unremarkable until I got to Walmart.

It was the first time in recent memory I didn’t grab a cart. Aldi didn’t have my favorite brand of romaine so I got that and a couple of limes. The checkout I went through was right across from Customer Service and my friend was working. I stopped in and said hello.

When I got home, I pulled up to the other house and went in. I called my cousin to see if anyone had been there to feed the critters. My CIL answered so I’m sure my cousin is still sick. I took care of everybody. The male babies were completely out of water and it was late enough that one of the females jumped up on the door of her cage. I’m nervous about one getting out but they are all safely in their cages.

Only four cats showed up to be fed. I’m wondering if Six has gone the way Blackie did.

Then it was home, getting things unloaded and eating supper. I checked on the cyclamen and here it is:

Dropped a Blossom

A Closeup

I think this makes the third blossom that has dropped off. Lots more than that have come on.

Twinkle is lurking about, waiting to be fed so I’ll wind this up. True to my nature, it isn’t short. If brevity is the soul of wit, I’m witless.

4 Responses to Am I a Little Claustrophobic?

  1. Terry in the keys March 6, 2014 at 11:06 am #

    I’m sorry to read that Six didn’t show up again.:-(

    We agree on unnecessary testing.

    Your plant looks much happier now.;-)

    I’d be concerned about you if you suddenly became brief in your writing! I’d know something serious might be happening with you so keep doing what you’re doing!:-)

    • Tommie March 6, 2014 at 11:24 am #

      There ARE times that I don’t do a blog post at all but those are few and far between. My schedule is every night but Friday so I can rest on Sabbath.

  2. Lila March 6, 2014 at 11:16 am #

    I’d like to have seen all you got at Aldi’s for $50! Hope Six shows up soon.

    • Tommie March 6, 2014 at 11:26 am #

      I got a lot of things I can share at fellowship meals plus some fresh produce I’ll eat here. I had a cup of blueberries for breakfast. Their bananas were 44 cents a lub so I didn’t have to do price match at Walmart. AND they are Chiquitas!! 😀

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