A Worldly Experience

Several weeks ago, I was exercising to The Andy Griffith Show. It was the one where Aunt Bee had been summoned for jury duty. Everyone was excited at the prospect. The Philosopher, Goober, sagely stated, “I always say, any worldly experience is a universal thing.”

Well, I’ve had a lot of worldly experiences in the past couple of days. I couldn’t get Windows 7 to install so I went the Vista route. After I got Vista to install (finally) and all updated (finally), I decided to try Windows 7 again. It still wouldn’t install. Now I’m running chkdsk and we’ll see what shows up, if anything.

When I went out to feed the critters, all six cats showed up. Makes me think that Six is a male since this is the first time I’ve seen him(?) for a few days. Maybe he(?) has been out “tom-cattin’ around”.

Twinkle is yet to feed and I’m tired from so much excitement. I’m going to let this be it for tonight.

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