An Hour Late

Last night, time slipped up on me. I couldn’t believe it was almost midnight when I looked down at the clock on my taskbar. This morning, I found out it wasn’t.

Even though I have the clock set on Eastern Time (US & Canada), for some reason, it sprang forward an hour. I have Daylight Saving Time turned off and, unless the Powers That Be have done something truly awful, it isn’t even here yet.

I clicked on the clock and went through a series of steps to update it with Internet Time.

Internet Time

The preceding picture shows that it was synchronized at 10:54 this morning but I did it also at 7:57 tonight as the next one shows.


Looking for a way to do it more often than once a week (or manually), I went for more information. Here’s what I found. Seems there’s no other option. I used to have a clock on an older computer that would poll an atomic clock periodically. When it did, it would peal out, “Cuckoo!” There’s nothing out there like that any more that I could find.

Change Settings

I clicked on No, it was NOT helpful. I explained I wanted it to update more than once every seven days.

I used to think I could trust the clocks on my weather stations but they sometimes show hours and hours one way or the other. And now it seems I can’t rely on my computer clock. I am glad it wasn’t as late as I thought when I went to bed.

It’s been almost a do-nothing day. I don’t think the last B-12 patches I bought are worth much. They are huge and just look (and smell) like plastic tape. When I take the square off (it’s at least 1″ x 1″), it leaves an adhesive residue that can be quite irritating. I’m allergic to old-fashioned adhesive tape and this has caused a breaking out similar to what that used to.

What’s happened with all the injectable B-12, no one can tell me. As far as I know, the shortage is still on. In the meantime, I have no idea what my levels are. Last year, my PCP didn’t order the test because I was injecting once a week and there was no need to be concerned. Any more, who knows?

Twinkle is peacefully sleeping on her rearranged bedding. She’s had lap time today, too. I need to make sure her food bowl is well-supplied and get myself ready for bed.

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