The Deed Is Done

It didn’t hurt at all that I’m due a refund. That’s an incentive to correspond with the IRS. E-Filing helps, too. I remember the days when a fat book would come in the mail containing a 1040 form, additional forms and tax tables. I would carefully tear the form out, make a copy (if I had access to a copy machine), and use the copy for my draft.

With all my documentation at my fingertips, I would pore over the tax tables. It was laborious work, following the line across and the line down. I had to make sure they intersected just right and picked up the correct amount. I’d add, re-add, check my figures over and over before I’d transfer the numbers to the “real” form. I’d sign and date it and make sure the W-2 and any other required documents were with it before I’d put it in that giant envelope provided.

The next morning, I’d put the stamped envelope in the mailbox and pray it didn’t get lost. Then the waiting would begin. And the wondering. Would there be a problem with it? Did I add/subtract everything correctly? I always felt a sense of foreboding that something wouldn’t be quite right and my refund would be delayed.

Finally, that funny-colored envelope would appear in my mailbox and I’d breathe a huge sigh of relief. Making my way to the bank, I’d deposit the check. My wait was over.

Then came the 1040-EZ. Not everyone qualified to use it. That included me. I had a dependent. It was groundbreaking, though, and looked so nice and simple.

TaxActThe real change came about with E-Filing. I don’t remember when I started E-Filing. I know I was on dialup so it’s been a while. TaxAct has been around since 1997 and that’s what I’ve always used. When I started with it, I’d still print it, sign and mail. Even now, I don’t do the return online. I download it and install it on my computer.

After I did all my routine things today, I got out my folder that has pockets for three years of Tax Stuff. I sorted the 2013 papers into two piles—money in and money out. The money in stack was much smaller than the money out.

TaxAct questioned me on a multitude of things but there weren’t that many I had to fill in. The job was done and I was ready for the alerts. Some way, I’d put my address in as Albania. I corrected that and ran the alerts again. Nothing showed up.

I printed off everything and went over the hard copy. Everything matched so I created a PIN number and my return was on its way. I checked TaxAct a little while ago and my return had been accepted by the IRS. Then I went to the IRS site and it already showed the amount of my refund and had my status as “Return Received”. It should go to my bank account within three weeks. My part is done.

Genese used to work for H&R Block and she still does returns for people. Today, she posted on my status, “i love tax season.. it is too short”

It had started raining when I went out to feed the critters. One of the cats was on the deck and when I opened my umbrella, it kind of freaked out. There was a piece of cloth over one of the food dishes in the female babies’ cage and when I moved it, one of the women chatter-shrieked at me. It was my turn to jump. I guess what goes around comes around.

Twinkle spent some time on my lap and enjoyed being petted. She still hasn’t figured out I don’t have to operate her toy—that she can do it herself.

I’ve been in the mood for chili ever since DD said she was fixing it for Superbowl Sunday. Yesterday, I was looking at all the chili options in Walmart and found !! Amy’s Organic Chili !! I got a can of spicy and one of medium. I figured if I mixed them that would be about right. Today was the day so I dumped them into a pan together. It said, “Do not add water”. I ignored it and added some.

I had some Upton’s Natural ground seitan so I put that in with the two chilis. When I sampled the mixture, whoa!! It was spicy! I’d even bought some chili powder so I could pep it up if it needed it. It didn’t need. Believe me! I thawed out and heated up a couple of my cornbread waffles and was going to have some Sriacha but I thought better of it. I had half an avocado in the fridge I diced and put in with the chili to kind of calm it down. I’m thinking of cooking some beans tomorrow and stretching the heat a bit. We’ll see.

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve had a shower or a bath. With the drain not draining right, I’ve been avoiding exacerbating the problem. I’m giving fair warning to anyone who might be in smelling distance.

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  1. Mary Jane February 5, 2014 at 11:48 am #

    I’m cooking pinto beans right now. Bring your spicy chili over and we’ll mix ’em and make both better!

    • Tommie February 5, 2014 at 12:24 pm #

      Sounds good but I already cooked some red beans and now it’s just about right.

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