The Fudge Factor

When I looked at the forecast on Weatherbug this morning, it said temperatures would be holding steady or dropping this afternoon. Huh? Which one? I guess they were anticipating one or the other. If they held steady, they’d be right. If they started falling, they would be right. Sounds like a win-win to me. Such is the life of the Weather Guesser.

The temperature did hold steady for a while. It was 34 for several hours. When my cousin called, she said it was cloudy where she was. The sun was shining brightly here. I asked her to pick up that head of lettuce I forgot yesterday and she made sure that was all I wanted.

I was out of the tub and getting dressed when the doorbell rang. I’d just picked up my sweat pants and I took time to pull them on before I answered the door.

She came in for a few minutes and I caught her up on some of the happenings. She said she’d feed the critters while she was here so I wouldn’t have that to do today.

After she left, I ate a banana. The ones my CIL brought are still not fully ripe though I’d eaten one for breakfast yesterday. It was very starchy and made my mouth pucker. I’d bought some more while I was in town.

The phone rang and it was DD. I told her I needed to finish eating breakfast. When I called her back, we talked for almost an hour.

I was up much too late last night and have been dragging today. I did get my rebounding in. Netflix was a bit balky on the Wii but I got it to work by and by.

When I took the scraps out to the compost bin this afternoon, one of the cats seemed to think I’d brought her something to eat. She lost interest when I let her smell the container.

Twinkle was up before daylight letting me know she was out of food. Maybe that’s one reason I’m sleepier than usual now.

Genese has won yet another game. My sister thought perhaps that might boost her morale but I believe it would take a lot more than that. Surely it can’t be long now.

It’s going to be another cold one tonight. It’s down to 17. Tomorrow night will be even colder. “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” YES.

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