Let’s Have Another Cold One, Shall We?

Winter is making up for lost time. The last several have been quite mild. A cold snap here, some freezing rain there, a bit of snow but nothing like this. It got up to 23 degrees today and I can’t be sure it was really that “warm” since the sensor is in the sun part of the afternoon.

There was no way I wanted to get out today but I had to. The cats and the babies had to be fed and I was nominated to do it. When I put my coat on, I stuck my hand in the right pocket and I’m glad I did. I found the wadded up mask I’d worn a couple of days ago. That reminded me to get a fresh one. I resolved to leave it in my pocket, as well, so it will be another reminder.

It was 16 degrees when I went over and fought my way through the Phalanx of Catz. I’ve worked out my methodology for feeding. I go in the house while defending against an invasion and shut the door. The babies get my attention first. After that’s done, I get the container to put the cat food in and scoop scoop scoop until there’s enough to satisfy them.

Upon opening the door, there’s WHAP WHAP WHAP! as they leap upon the screen (which they have almost completely destroyed). I open the storm door and block any entrance to the house. When they see I have provender, they lead me to their pan and gather ’round. At that point, there are five of them. Six still hangs back a bit but don’t think s/he goes without.

I fill the pan, they dive in head first and I’m free to go back in in peace to return the container to its rightful place.

Today was the first day since Tuesday that I went to the mailbox. Pieces of mail that were supposed to be there Tuesday (the Shopper and the Bi-Lo ad) were there yesterday but didn’t get picked up until today. I haven’t looked at either one yet and I doubt I will tonight. I prefer going through the ad online since I can do it by department rather than a jumble on a page.

It was so nice to get back into my humble little home. It was warm and the only beast here is Twinkle. She may be skinny and old but we’re used to each other and that means a lot.

My sister posted a video on how to fold a shirt in under two seconds. It’s 49 seconds long and that makes it hard to see what’s going on. This one is a bit more informational:

I’d done a load of laundry that had a t-shirt or two in it so I decided I’d try it. It took several attempts to get it right but I did it. Not in less than two seconds, though. That would take considerable practice. If I’d had the preceding video to instruct me, I might have caught on more quickly. I doubt I’ll use it, anyway. However, you never can tell.

The Computer Owner is going to try to pick up her laptop tomorrow. I’m curious to know what the problem was.

Genese provided me with a link to a site with bear meat recipes. I don’t think I’ll ever try any of them but if you want to you can find the link in the comment section on this post.

I’m plugging along, working on the templates for the second quarter. I think I have them done but sure as I upload them, the editor finds something I’ve overlooked so I’m being very careful.

Well, it’s 8 degrees out there. In my corner of the living room, it’s 65. I’m going to bed soon but you can bet your boots I’ll leave some water running.

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  1. Lila January 24, 2014 at 8:12 am #

    Glad to see the slower version of the tee shirt folding. I don’t have any, but if I did it would be fun to try this. I never could have learned the steps from watching the faster video.

    • Tommie January 24, 2014 at 9:20 am #

      It do make a difference, don’t it?

      When the Mother Ship first took over the little hospital, we were given t-shirts just about every time we turned around plus I’d get one when I’d give blood. I have quite a supply and use them to layer when it’s cold in the winter. In the summer, they come in handy because they’re loose and cool. I’ve been known to buy one as a souvenir now and then, too.

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