Mercy! It’s only mid-January. There’s February and March to drag through. How am I going to do it? It isn’t fun. I don’t like cold weather. I know we have to have it but this much?

Yesterday morning, the doorbell rang. It was the Cavalry come to finish insulating the pipe under the house. I watched for him to come back and say it was done but when I looked out, the only vehicle in the driveway was mine. I sent my thanks via his wife on Facebook. That’s one less thing to be concerned about. I’d left the water running a couple of nights before. It isn’t supposed to be terribly cold until Tuesday night. The forecast for the valley is 13 to 16 which could mean single digits here—again. You can bet your boots I’ll leave it running then. Snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning. Nothing’s started yet.

I’d done laundry on Thursday so I didn’t have that to do so I baked banana bread. I’ve been letting the bananas get ripe ripe ripe. I mean black. I’d seen a video where Matt Preston made banana bread and he said, “the blacker the better.” I think that’s one reason I had problems with mine being too sweet. I cut the sugar in half this time and it turned out just right.

In looking for the video, I got sidetracked watching an artisan bread one and now it’s 20 minutes later…

For a couple of weeks, I’ve had a money order and a card for my friend in Federal prison. I have to send the money order to somewhere in Iowa, I think. I have the info in my gmail. To have something to put in the money folder I got for him, I made this yesterday:

$15 Bill

I know he’d get a kick out of it but I’m having misgivings about sending it. Thoughts?

It was 57 in the kitchen when I got up this morning. By the time I left for church, it had warmed up with the help of the oven. I’d started the car so it would be toasty. Did I ever say I don’t like cold weather?

Last week, we’d had a warm spell so whichever man was in charge of the thermostat thought we didn’t need much in the way of heat. Today, it was almost too warm. I’ve given up trying to dress “appropriately” and wear slacks and layers most Sabbaths.

My hearing aids were in my ears today and they helped. There are a couple of people I can’t understand no matter what, though. I was able to hear almost everything in spite of that.

The pianist and I talked through a lot of the services. She met me as I was coming out of the bathroom so she could tell me what song would be used in lieu of special music. That was one of the talks we got into. The second time, I’d gone to the bathroom as soon as I could get off the organ bench. She was in the bathroom, too, and we got into yet another conversation. The “sermon” was a DVD on religious liberty and when I got back into the church, I figured I hadn’t missed much. The man was reading just about everything. Talk to me. Don’t read to me. I can read things for myself.

I talked to the Computer Owner after we got outside. She’d taken her computer to the local shop to see what can be done for it. She said she’d started having even more problems with it. I hope he can fix it and not charge her a whole lot.

The cats were congregated on the deck when I got home. I’d told my cousin they are a gang of six that are intent on a home invasion. With no one in sight, I went over and fed the crew including the sugar babies.

A couple of days ago, I noticed there were places where the Press’n Seal had let go and was letting cold air in. I reinforced those gaps with package sealing tape. My house would never be featured on one of those shows with beautiful homes. What with the treatment of the furnace space and the sheets strategically placed here and there, it’s unique if nothing else.

I believe Genese has gone on strike. It’s been five days since I played my last words. I know I told her not to be concerned about playing but I may have to snare another opponent so I can feed my addiction.

Twinkle is eating at least 3/4 can of food per day now. A cat her size, according to the chart, should eat anywhere from that much to one full can. I may have to get that job as a Walmart greeter after all.

2 Responses to Wintertime!

  1. Lila January 19, 2014 at 8:49 am #

    Sounds like Twinkle is herself again. Wonder which of her nine lives this is.

    • Tommie January 19, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

      Who knows? I thought she’d used them all up long ago.

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