:: YAWN! ::

I knew I wouldn’t have time to do my homework today. I stayed up and did it before I went to bed.

My homework is what I call looking up all the grocery ads and jotting down what I might want to price match at Walmart. It also involves printing off some of the better deals that might be out of the local area. I go through a couple of coupon sites and print what I can use that I need.

It was almost midnight when I got done. I was wound up tighter than a watch spring and didn’t go to sleep until after 1. I still woke before daylight—which isn’t hard to do since it’s almost 8 when the sun comes up. I lay there and prayed, “Lord, I don’t WANT to get up!” I had to, though.

Twinkle was restless. She visited the cat box time after time, crouching and straining. Her results were two minuscule deposits. She wasn’t happy.

The editor emailed and prevailed upon me to do an index for the Q1 2014 lessons. I hurried and did one that looks pitiful but it works.

My quiet time was a bit truncated. I listened to a few minutes of the lesson discussion for this week but decided I’d wait until I got home to finish. Today was the day for Twinkle to go to the Animal Hospital for a weigh-in and her injections.

I ate breakfast, took my bath, got dressed (aren’t you GLAD??) and put a protesting Twinkle in her box. She was not happy at all. To make sure she stayed put, I put an extra piece of tape crosswise over the opening.

The weather has been so warm the Dr. Heaters didn’t come on at all for a couple of days. Sad to say, that wasn’t true of the current temperatures. Baby, it’s cold outside.

Twinkle didn’t need to get chilled so I started the car and let it warm up for a few minutes. Picking the box up, I started to the door. My ears were met with hissing and growling the like I hadn’t heard for months. When I put the box (with her in it) in the car, she commenced to yowl and screech. Oh boy. Just what I needed. Sound effects to drown out the engine noise.

I know that music is supposed to soothe the soul of the savage beast. Well, that one has nothing on Ms. Twinkle. She was watching what she could from her air holes and every time I moved my hand to shift gears or change the station on the radio, she’d hiss loudly. I gave up and turned the radio off.

She’d settled down, somewhat, when I turned into the parking lot. Going to her side of the car, I hauled the box out and she started in again.

There were three chihuahuas and their humans waiting. I checked in at the desk and told the woman that Twinkle wasn’t at all happy. She assured me it would be just a few minutes.

I sat down between Twinkle’s box and a man with a dog. I informed the man it was for his protection. He asked, “Is that a tiger in there?” I told him you’d think with all the fuss she’d been making. I guess it was his wife who told me about a cat that had adopted them and grown to 24″. That’s about twice Twinkle’s size.

The girl who took Twinkle’s picture went into the office and I asked her about emailing it to me—again. She said she’d forgotten. I’m still waiting.

After the dogs went in, it was Twinkle’s turn. Her weight was down to 6.2 lubs, a loss of .3 lub. She was growling and hissing and didn’t want anything to do with me. She allowed the girl to take her back and shoot her. We taped the box up again and after I’d handed over my credit card for another $20 we were on our way.

I’d planned to make a couple of brief stops to get a few groceries but Twinkle was at it again. I couldn’t see leaving her in the car for any length of time so I turned off, doubled back and brought her home.

When I took the tape off the box, she jumped out with her ears laid back and hissed at me. I drank half a carton of coconut water, took an NAC and left.

It was the first time in weeks I’d been out without having to particularly hurry. I stopped at Bi-Lo for a few minutes then went on to Walmart. Checking in at the beauty shop, I had myself scheduled for a haircut at 3. I had 20 minutes to get started on my shopping.

Yesterday and today, both, I’d gotten calls that my persimmons had come in. They promised to hold them for me. I headed to produce and asked the first fellow I saw. He didn’t know anything about them. My heart dropped. I stood there hoping and praying that he’d find them and find them he did. Big beautiful persimmons! They almost make two of the others.


At 3, I wheeled my cart into the beauty shop and got shorn. My hair was longer than it has been for years and it was driving me nuts. I feel five lubs lighter.

Back to shopping, I was dodging the crowds. It took me longer than usual because of all the detours I had to take. I looked for a card for my friend who is in prison but nothing was appropriate. To say they were picked over is the understatement of the year.

I had quite a few things to price match. The young cashier had to call for help more than once. Then I had coupons that didn’t want to ring up right and six $10 gift cards from Humana. I apologized for being the problem child.

The wind was blowing and, in spite of the sun shining brightly, it was COLD. I thanked the Lord once again for answering my request for a good parking space. It was the first one closest to the store and not far from the entrance I use. I’d made sure it wasn’t reserved for pregnant women with small children or the disabled before I parked there.

When I got home, Twinkle gave me a welcoming hiss or three. I ignored her.

Getting everything unloaded and put away took a while so I ate leftovers for supper. I didn’t remember whether I was supposed to feed the critters or not so I called my cousin. No, my CIL had taken care of them.

Genese has presented me with another board that has stumped me. The letters are A B D E G H I K L N O R S T W Y. I unwittingly started another game just like it when I was playing with the settings.


Maybe she can give me a hint.

Twinkle got on my lap and asked to be petted. Maybe she felt bad because of her earlier behavior but I doubt it. She lay on her back and let me put the ointment on the bare place. It’s healing well but hasn’t started growing hair yet.

My lack of sleep and busy day is beginning to tell. Thank goodness, I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow. I’d thought about putting today’s trip off until then but decided it would be foolhardy to try to do anything on Christmas Eve.

4 Responses to :: YAWN! ::

  1. Lila December 23, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    Glad Twinkle doesn’t attack! I do hope she’s back to normal soon, and regains the weight she’s lost. And a very Merry Christmas to your and yours!

    • Tommie December 24, 2013 at 9:13 am #

      I’m wondering if it’s the steroids that are affecting her mood. She’s never been a big cat but her hip bones are sticking out.

      Merry Christmas to you, too!!

  2. Mary Jane December 24, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    It’s cold here, too! Today has been sunny, but the wind is brutal–glad I could stay home.

    And glad Twinkle got friendly again.

    • Tommie December 24, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

      I don’t want to go anywhere! It was getting toward evening when I got up the nerve to walk to the mailbox.

      Twinkle makes me worry. I wish she would eat. She loves being on my lap but I’d rather she’d be ripping around the house like she would a few weeks ago.

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