I’ve Done It Now

Yesterday morning, I was gratified to see that Twinkle had eaten more than she had in a long time. I finally didn’t have to throw away more than I served her. I bragged on her but I don’t know if it made an impression.

Checking the mail brought a windfall. Humana came through with my rewards. I’d completed six things that counted for gift cards so I went to the web site and ordered six $10 Walmart cards. They’re supposed to be here in two to four weeks. There was also a package from my sister and I do believe I know what it is. She should have used media mail. It cost almost $6 to send it.

The day turned out to be the Computer Owner’s birthday. I’d called her at work and suggested we could have a bite to eat before we started the training session. She agreed to that plan and said she’d be here after 6.

I’d set the table and gotten everything ready. We’d have the rest of the Campari tomatoes (two each), soup, and crackers with Daiya “cream cheese” mixed with chopped ripe olives. It was after 6. When it was 6:15, I called her work and was told she’d left “a little while ago”. At 6:30, I gave up and started eating. The doorbell rang at 6:45.

She came in out of the cold, took off her coat and joined me. She’d stopped to see a friend for a few minutes and when she left, she’d taken a wrong turn and gotten lost.

To honor the birthday, I’d gotten out a card and put a flash drive in with it. The drive is a 2 GB—small, but a start. She didn’t have one at all.

The meal was well received. She had two helpings of soup and finished up the crackers.

I cleared the table, she got her laptop and we started in on the lesson at, probably, 7:30. I’d set up lots of bookmarks for her in Chrome but she kept thinking of things. I taught her how to put them on her personal bar and edit the names to make them fit better. She was thrilled. There were very few bookmarks from before. She said she’d gone to the Start menu to find things online so she was going clear around the barn to get anywhere.

She’d had it with Norton and, even though she’d paid for another year, she elected to have me download Microsoft Security Essentials and uninstall Norton. I set MSE to run every night and instructed her to leave her computer on so it could update and do its thing.

Twinkle was interested in the new person in the house and took it upon herself to sit on her lap. I told the CO to put her down if she wanted. I’m not one to go into someone’s house and welcome a strange animal into my territory but she didn’t seem to mind. When she found that Twinkle wouldn’t bite and scratch, she even petted her.

After 11:30, the CO decided she’d better call it a night and go home. It was well after midnight before I got to bed.

I’ve been dragging all day today. I’d missed my last glass of water but I didn’t want to drink it that late and have to get up multiple times in the night.

Since I didn’t take Twinkle in yesterday, I had to do it today. She has been feeling enough better to protest my giving her the meds. I had to work fast getting her shut up in the box, too.

The waiting room was empty when we arrived and, as soon as I checked in at the desk, we were directed to an exam room. Twinkle was stoic and didn’t complain much about being there though she’d been vocal on the way.

After being weighed (she was up to 6.5 lubs) and her temp taken (normal), the young lady assistant saw Twinkle looking at her from one of the holes in the box. She took out her phone and snapped her picture. It was really cute and I asked her to email it to me. She promised she would but it hasn’t come yet. I’d hoped to post it here tonight.

The vet came in and checked Twinkle over. No fluids today. Discontinue the Prednisone until further notice. She’d give her another steroid injection plus a B-12 injection (I should have asked for one for me). Continue giving the laxative. I’m to call on Friday to update. Next week, I’ll take her back for more injections if they are needed. The charge? $20. I waved my credit card at the machine to see if it would recognize it but the lady had to run it as usual.

One of Twinkle’s admirers carried the box out to the car for me.

It had turned out to be a warm day. I even had to use the a/c in the car to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. There were a few things I needed from Walmart so I parked where the sun wouldn’t be shining directly on Twinkle’s box and headed inside. The produce manager flagged me down in the parking lot and said he had a box of persimmons for me. Do what I needed to do and he’d be back in to get them.

There are usually several people I know in Walmart but today, I only saw one and she works there. She asked if I had my Christmas shopping done. I told her no and that I’ll be doing it on Amazon. She confessed to shopping online, herself. As soon as her shift ends, she goes home. Then she said, “I wouldn’t be here on Christmas Day if I didn’t have to work.”

I hurried as fast as I could and got whatever I could. The manager came back in and went to look for the persimmons. They were nowhere to be found. He told me they had to be somewhere and went to check again. He came out and said he’d told everyone that a lady would be in to pick them up and not to put them in the bin. “A lady” had said she needed a box and whoever was working thought she was the one they belonged to. Oh, well. I ate the first of my nine this morning and will work my way through the rest. He promised to call me when the next box comes in and I gave him my last name to put on it so there won’t be another mix-up.

Twinkle was awfully quiet when I got back in the car. I started it up and left as quickly as possible. When we were stopped at a red light, I undid the tape and she was still alive. Maybe she was sulking because I’d left her for so long.

Today was the last day at Aldi for 49 cent avocados. I’d price matched another half dozen. When I got home, I took my CIL three of them after I sprang Twinkle.

I’d gotten Amy’s Tofu Scramble so I wouldn’t have to fix anything feeling as tired as I do. Tempting fate, I know. All I’d paid attention to was that it said it was vegan. I didn’t notice it was loaded to the gills with spinach. So…not only have I tanked up on tofu which is a no-no in itself. Now I have eaten a quantity of something I’m highly allergic to. Maybe Twinkle will outlive me, anyway.

The pastor called and before the conversation was over, he said he wanted to have prayer with me. He asked if I had anything specific in mind and I said yes. Healing of my lungs, my cough to subside and Twinkle. Me, me and close to me. I’m a selfish soul but those are the things that impact me directly. He prayed a nice prayer and asked if he could visit sometime. I told him to forewarn me so I wouldn’t be nekkid. Well, I didn’t say it that way but I do want to be presentable.

My cousin called and said one of her crew will be here tomorrow to install the dishwasher!! I called her back and asked her to pick up some dishwasher detergent. Had I known, I could have gotten some today. I was going to wash the dishes (they are still stacked) but I think I’ll let them go and they can be seeds.

In the meantime, I’m going to bed. I’m done.

4 Responses to I’ve Done It Now

  1. Lila December 18, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    So glad for the good news about Twinkle! Now to get you well.

    • Tommie December 18, 2013 at 9:22 am #

      Sorry if I misled you. She still isn’t thriving. There’s progress but it’s slow.

      As for me, amen.

  2. Mary Jane December 18, 2013 at 9:05 pm #

    Wow! I’m impressed with those gift cards–and at just the right time for Christmas gifts.

    • Tommie December 18, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

      That’s what I thought! With those and my cash back from my credit card, I’ll be doing pretty well in that department.

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