to everything. I got up with a scratchy throat. When I looked outside, the falling rain was freezing on the tree closest to the deck and the wind chimes that hang within its branches (no matter how much they’re cut back). I’d seen ice in front of the door last night so I carefully made my way out with my camera. If you look closely enough, you can see the ice on the cords and down one side of a chime.

Icy Wind Chimes

It was before daylight so I had to use the flash.

A bit later, my cousin sent me a private message on Facebook to ask about whether or not I was okay. I assured her I was. She said what worried her was the front light had been on for a long time. I had failed to turn it off.

I had an email from the editor that she had posted my latest offering. Some of the edits were taking DS1’s name out and the name of the uncle who helped to rescue us. The beginning of the third paragraph is a little fuzzy but people seem to understand what it’s all about. Too late, it occurred to me I hadn’t picked a Bible verse to go with it.

We had a time finding an image that would be appropriate. She was looking for “bare cupboard” and found more than she expected. The image is of a young woman in the altogether peering into an empty cupboard. It did give me a much needed laugh.

Last week, I’d made an appointment to see my PCP. Otherwise, I would have stayed put and not ventured out.

I called one of my former co-workers who also lives on the mountain and she said the roads had been salted and were fine. Besides, the temperature in the valley was around 37 degrees. It was 34 here.

Creeping around, I got ready to go. I’d made my list over the last few days so I was all prepared.

Juggling my umbrella along with everything else isn’t my favorite thing to do. I got it hung more than once but eventually made it to the car.

The trip down the mountain was uneventful. The rain kept coming down and I drove through a thick fog. I was four minutes late when I signed in at the clinic.

While I was waiting, one of my Facebook friends came out and we talked for a spell. She caught me up on her family’s doings.

When I was called back, the nurse asked for “Mr.” instead of “Ms” and embarrassed herself. I assured her she wasn’t the first person to make that mistake.

She weighed me and I swore my clothes had to make up 20 lubs of the total. In reality, even with taking off everything I could, I weighed in at 5 lubs more than I did here at home.

I was shown to the exam room. She did the preliminaries, then brought in the flu shot I’d requested. It’s the first one I’ve had since 2003 and I had mixed feelings about getting it. I know all the pros and cons so save it.

My blood pressure was a bit on the high side (no surprise) and my O2 sat was 98. It seems to stay there. My temp was normal.

When the doc came in, he was his usual jovial self. He’d just gotten back from a week off so I hope he was well rested. He started questioning me about why I was there and how did I like the pulmonologist? I told him I liked him better the second visit. I explained he’d ordered a barium swallow which I had not done since it had become obvious I have acid reflux. He gave me some capsules to help with that and then looked at my hand. That was the real reason for the office call.

A few weeks back when I was using the hot water bottle, I noticed a deep blister on the palm of my left hand. I had thought it would go down but it hasn’t. He doesn’t think it has anything to do with the heat. He believes I injured the sheath going to my middle finger and it’s leaking fluid. He said they could draw it off but it would just fill up again. I told him I had thought about using one of my now useless syringes to do it and he about hit the ceiling. If I did and it got infected, I’d really have problems. After spending more time with me than he probably should have he left.

I juggled all my belongings (including the umbrella) to the bathroom. On my way out the door, I asked for (and got) a bag for the samples which made life a bit easier.

There were six stops in all that I was planning to make.

  1. The clinic
  2. Save a Lot
  3. Piggly Wiggly
  4. The church
  5. The courthouse
  6. The Apple House

If I’d felt good, I would have added Genese to it but I didn’t.

I bought FOOD at Save a Lot. One of my co-workers from long ago was going in as I was coming out. When I went into the Pig, I was in the produce section and spied my successor. I cleared my throat and she looked around. We had a nice chat and I found that all the staff I left for her are still there. She’s having fun with the schedule (not really) and it sounds that it’s mostly the same ol’ same ol’. I roamed around a bit and ended up not buying anything.

The foamers I took to the church disappeared and the one in the ladies’ was replaced with a pump that gave up before it was half gone. I took another foamer and put it in the bathroom.

Circling around, I went to the courthouse and got my sticker for 2014 for the license plate.

At the Apple House, I was disappointed that the Fuji apples were all gone. There was no acorn squash and the butternuts were tiny with the price still the same as for the larger ones. I got a bag of Pink Lady apples and came home.

I didn’t feel like unloading the car but Twinkle couldn’t so it fell to me. It was raining even harder so the umbrella was a must.

Twinkle was very interested in the electronic trap, anyway. I looked to see if there was a flashing light but there wasn’t. I turned the switch off and back on again and there was a ZZZZZZZZZZTT!! Twinkle smelled it and sat down, disappointed. I took the trap outside and emptied the contents.

After everything was put away, I blended tomatoes, water, cashews and black salt until it was steaming and sipped it for supper. It helped to soothe my throat for a little while, anyway. Now it’s back to scratchy and I have a deep cough.

My friend with the computer called while I was gone. I haven’t heard from her since. I’m going to bed soon, anyway. My eyes are feeling very tired and a bit itchy. I hope I’m not coming down with Something.

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