Three in One

Last night, I was no mood to write a post. This will be brief unless I go on a rant. I’ll try not to.

Friday, I got more than usual done so I was pretty proud of myself. It rained off and on all day.

Yesterday, I went to church. I sat at the organ for over an hour and a half. The elder encouraged the congregation to stay in the sanctuary as long as they felt moved to as I played the organ. When all but two people had gone, I stopped, turned the organ off, locked it and left. On the way to the mountain, I saw blue sky.

At home, I could rest.

It has rained all day today. My mood has matched the weather. There was a business meeting this morning with another cooking school planning session to follow. Since business meetings last a long time, the thought was overwhelming so I didn’t go to either one.

DD called this afternoon. She isn’t going to have a Thanksgiving Day celebration. There are too many things she wants to cook so she’s having Thanksgiving Week. While we were talking, merm fixed her some hot chocolate. It sounded good but I opted for Dandy Blend instead.

DS1 called just as I was getting ready to eat supper. He said he’d call me back and I’d just about given up on him when he did. His burning question was what lake was it we went to after the hang-glider meet in Telluride? I looked it up and the answer was Percy Priest Lake. Now you know.

My cousin is supposed to come over tomorrow for a project but I need to go to town.

When DS1 got DH and me each a hymnal for Christmas 1985, my goal was to learn all the hymns beginning from the beginning. I’ve decided to take it up again and see how far I can get. I don’t want to just play them through and go on. I want to master them. That doesn’t mean memorizing them. I want to be able to play them well. I’ll have to wait until I can see the music, though. I didn’t ask my CIL to get the lamp for me on Friday because it was such a nasty day.

Twinkle is still to be fed and I must lay me down to sleep.

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