It’s Coming Back

I’ve been making it a point to sit down and play every day (three of three so far). I have to play by ear because I can’t read music in the dark. I checked with my cousin and she took my lamp to her shop. I’ll get it from my CIL tomorrow and see if it still works.

It’s amazing how my fingers are beginning to remember the songs I used to play. There’s one I can’t quite get yet but when I have light to be able to read the music, I’ll look that one up and see how I do.

The outlet in the bedroom and the one in the kitchen aren’t on the same circuit. I’m not that smart, electrically, but they didn’t pop the circuit breaker like when I had the new one plugged into the dining room outlet.

I took my bath before breakfast this morning so I would be warmed up for the day. The bathroom was a toasty 50 degrees, thanks to the Dr Heater.

Twinkle has abandoned me. She hasn’t gotten on my lap once today. I guess it was just for the warmth she’d curl up with me and not for love.

I’d called my cousin earlier today and she wanted to know if I needed anything from town. At the moment, I said no. Before she came back, I called her and asked her to get me some cough medicine. It was the first thing on my list for my next shopping trip. I would have asked her to get a couple of other things, too, but she will never let me pay her for what she gets. Sure enough, she said she didn’t know how much it was.

Something I keep forgetting is the EOB I got from Humana on Tuesday. It shows my responsibility for the anesthesia group as $0! My surgery cost me a total of $95. The visit to the surgeon plus pre-op testing brought it to $207.10. If the rest of this month and next go by without anything else, Humana shows my out of pocket as $397.10 but the hospital gave me a 10% discount of $27.71 which brings it down to $369.39. Sure beats paying for Part B and a supplement.

I’ve felt much better today. Three nights trying to wear The Hat in bed about wore me out. I slept without it last night and was warm enough. I’ll take the rubber band off so I can wear The Hat in the daytime.

The house is warmer with the registers covered up. I’ve tripped over the sheet in the dining room twice so I’ll have to learn to watch for that. It might not be easy to remember. I still open the wrong cabinet doors.

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  1. Mary Jane November 16, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    Keep up the practice! Wish I were more accomplished, and I might be a little more if I would do what you’re doing, although I’d never be a real musician (to my regret).

    Glad you came out as well as you did on the medical bills.

    • Tommie November 17, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

      I do want to get my lamp set up. It’s hard to play without light unless I’m playing by ear.

      If I had a supplement to pay my co-pays and/or deductible, it would have picked up the less than $400 but I would have had to pay much more than that in premiums. That total includes everything from the ENT on.

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