A Mouse in the House

My day started out slowly. I don’t remember having that much trouble with The Hat night before last. Whenever I’d wake last night, it would have crept down over my eyes. This morning, I started thinking of solutions. Maybe I should get a smaller hat?

The Hat

Thankfully, the thought of making this one smaller came to me. I got a rubber band and here’s what I did:


When I put it on, Twinkle took one look at me and ran. I do believe it will do the trick and not travel around my head tonight.

I’ve gotten more done today than yesterday which isn’t necessarily saying a whole lot.

My friend who recently lost her husband called but the signal was weak and she kept breaking up. I told her I’d call her tonight.

DH’s niece posted a grouping of pictures in honor of Veterans Day that included the one here. DH would laugh about it and say he had the “look at my watch” pose.

DH in Uniform

Twinkle was stationed in front of the fireplace again tonight. She caught Little Mousie when it was on its way in and carried it around the house for a long time. It got away and I have no idea where it might have gone. Last night, I was halfway afraid of getting up because I didn’t know what I’d find but there was nothing. I may have to start helping her again.

When I tried to call my friend tonight, I started at the appointed time (8 p.m.) but I was having problems getting through. It was 8:50 when we connected and we talked about anything and everything for more than an hour and 40 minutes. I’m sleepy but it was a good conversation.

The laundry is done. I still need to make sure Twinkle has food for the night. I’m going to take my topknot and me to bed.

2 Responses to A Mouse in the House

  1. Mary Jane November 12, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

    I could just see Twinkle taking one look at you in the rubber banded hat and fleeing! Gave me a good laugh.

    • Tommie November 12, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

      She ducked behind the love seat and peeked around. It was a few minutes before she realized it was okay.

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