Swallowing My Pride

Last night, the web site was broken. It’s just as well. I was pooped to the max. I didn’t need to blog on top of that. Maybe I was being protected from myself.

Now, time for True Confessions. In my last blog post, I talked about my personality traits. Well, some of them have gotten the better of me. Especially the “disorganized and messy” ones. You see, it all started back when the old house was going to be torn down. DH’s piano had suffered from being in that environment. One suggestion was to take a sledgehammer to it and haul it off. I couldn’t agree to that without trying another route.

I had talked to the piano technician and he came out to see it. He’s semi-retired and isn’t actively looking to restore pianos but he was impressed with the quality and was willing to give it a go if I wanted. He gave me an estimate and I told him to take it to his shop.

That was November 2011. A year and a half later, it was ready to come home. I’d been puny for so long the Stuff in the house had grown ‘way out of proportion. I kept putting him off until I couldn’t do it any longer. His patience was wearing thin. I had paid him in full so that wasn’t the problem. Keeping conditions right for the piano was the problem and that meant either he or his wife had to stay close by.

That’s when I went to talk to my cousin. I was hoping to have the piano moved somewhere else where it could live until I could get the house presentable. She would hear to none of that. There was no good reason to move it and then move it again when it should come home, period, The End. I pleaded that my house was in such terrible shape that I didn’t want ANYONE to see it.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “You need to swallow your pride. I have offered to help you and so has [the Housesitter]. Let us do that and you can have your piano delivered.” I asked for a few days to get the worst of it up and out and then they could come in.

The next few days I tried. I was so tired, I’d fall into bed at night. I wasn’t making much headway. It seemed like an insurmountable task. Finally The Day arrived. That was yesterday, Tuesday, November 5.

The doorbell rang and it was my cousin. Ashamed, I opened the door and let her in. “This isn’t so bad. I’ve seen worse.” Well, I’m sorry but that didn’t make me feel much better. It was still awful. When the Housesitter got here a few minutes later, she walked in and said, “You need a MAID!” She got that right but I can’t afford a maid on a regular basis.

“Tell us what to do.” If I knew and had the energy, I could do it myself. When I was growing up, Mother always cleaned the house and I was usually either buried in a book or out riding my bicycle. As far as I was concerned, the house cleaned itself. My sister tried to train me to do it but we would end up fighting. I absolutely didn’t know what to tell them.

Well, did I have cleaning rags? I got some microfiber cloths and handed them over. I was put to sorting things. I found several treasures. Here’s one of them:

Thank You Note

Those two went to work like there was no tomorrow. My cousin operated on the vacuum and found that one of the hoses was loose and that’s why it wasn’t picking up. She fixed that but had it set on bare floors and it still didn’t do as good a job on the carpet as it usually does.

She rearranged and generally got things organized. She sat down in the kitchen and studied. This should be here and that should be there and why was this over here? If we cleaned out this cabinet, then we could put those up here where they would be handy. She’s an organizing genius. When I moved in, I just filled up spaces and that’s how they stayed.

The Housesitter cleaned and filled up the china closet and Welsh dresser. She redid the corner cupboard and worked on the kitchen floor. They broke for lunch and I was on my own.

I checked my email and found a lengthy voice mail from my friend whose husband passed away. I tried to call her back with no luck. I’d thought I’d exercise but I just knew she’d call when I started so I didn’t.

The workers came back, did a bit more and left. They wouldn’t accept anything but hugs for their efforts. I continued on with laundry, more sorting and throwing away and vacuuming. The Dyson really does work better on carpet with the carpet setting. I tried to rebound but five minutes was all I could manage. I wanted to clean the window over the kitchen sink and mop the floor but that was impossible.

That’s when I discovered the web site was down. I emailed merm and she filed a ticket with support. Somewhat later, I went to bed.

Today, my friend called. We discussed the memorial and how it should proceed. I’ll play for a few minutes before and after. We settled on some songs. Half an hour later, we hung up. I started looking for the songs she specified and before I knew it, a lot of the day was gone. I hunted up the list my mother had made (and I’d added to) years ago.

Mother's List of Funeral Music

My accomplishments today include finishing up the laundry from yesterday, washing dishes and clearing some more of one of the longest counter in the kitchen. It’s still a work in progress. I did the other 20 minutes of rebounding from yesterday. I’m tired and I had a prolonged coughing spell.

I’m having to learn where things are. A couple of changes I’ve made on my own (!) are switching the supplements to a place where they should be cooler and putting my Tupperware midget with my NAC in it on the counter so I won’t forget to take it.

Pray for Genese. The last I heard from her was a post on Facebook that she would probably be having four teeth extracted today. Two were side by side on the lower left. One was on the upper left and the other one was on the lower right. I hope and pray she’s doing okay.

Twinkle wants to get on my lap but my lap is going to disappear soon and not reappear until morning. I’m done.

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  1. Mary Jane November 8, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

    Wow! Sounds like you had a couple of whirlwinds breeze through your house! Also sounds like they accomplished a lot. My friend who was getting ready for surgery needed her refrigerator cleaned out. I offered to do it, but she was too embarrassed about all that needed to be thrown away that she wouldn’t let me do it. Pride can get in the way of help!

    • Tommie November 8, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

      Yes and yes. I know just how your friend feels. I need to clean out my refrigerator, too, and get rid of all the science projects. Pride CAN get in the way of help and I’ve had to suck it up and admit I couldn’t do what needed to be done.

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