Week 8, Day 7

Eight weeks. Eight weeks ago right now I was reclining on my cousin’s couch watching whatever she was watching on TV. I don’t remember much about it except it was interesting. I’d had a pain pill so I was kind of in La La Land. I didn’t sleep much that night. Getting to the bathroom was quite a project. I’d hold onto whatever was close to make sure my wobbly legs didn’t make me fall. When I came back very early in the morning and climbed onto the couch, my cousin had been watching me from her vantage point in front of the computer beside the sugar babies’ cage. I didn’t even know she was up.

That was then and this is now. I’m feeling better all the time. If my lungs would clear up, I’d be in good shape.

My supply of almond milk is gone. I guess I shouldn’t call it “milk”. That aggravates my sister no end. She believes that term should only be applied to what comes from the mammary glands of animals and humans. In reality, it can be any liquid resembling that fluid from glorified sweat glands. But I digress. I’ve wanted to try making milk mylk liquid white stuff from the hemp seed I ordered from Amazon. I googled “hemp milk” and found a simple recipe.

Putting the blender to work, I made the milk mylk liquid white stuff. It’s okay but it tastes rather “bean-y”. I prefer almond to hemp. Here’s the finished product:

Hemp "Milk"

If I’m not sore tomorrow, I’ll miss my chance. I’ve been more productive today than the last week put together. There isn’t that much noticeable difference in the surroundings but I know what I’ve done and it’s quite a bit for someone who is out of shape. Besides that, I also exercised for 25 minutes. With all the activity, I have 3.75 miles on my pedometer.

I hadn’t been at the computer for a while. I opened the door and looked out to see if anyone was stirring and saw that my cousin is back from Florida! I went over and said hello and visited briefly. Since I was in the middle of supper, I didn’t stay long and she was probably glad. Next time I got on Facebook, there was a note on my wall from her saying she was home. I saw her before I saw it.

It’s been warm enough I haven’t had the heat on. Well, not much, anyway. When I got up, I was distressed to see that I’d left the Dr. Heater on last night. No telling what my power bill is going to be.

Twinkle is curled up on her warming pad fast asleep. I need to be likewise in my waterbed. It’s past time.

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