Week 7, Day 1

I got up to Internet this morning. After I checked Facebook and checked my email, the little wheel just went ’round and ’round and that was that. It wasn’t quite daylight when I went outside. Walking up to the road, I could see the lights of a truck and a cherry picker in front of a house. The power people were at it again. I figured it would be another day of the Internet version of yo-yoing but I was wrong.

It stayed down. For hours and hours. There was a little yellow icon on the WiFi bars indicating no Internet access but the green lights were lit on the modem. It didn’t make sense.

My quiet time was abbreviated since I do a lot of it online.

I took a bath, got dressed and went to get the mail. My cousin was in front of the garage so I went over and visited for a bit. She didn’t seem to feel good which was understandable with all that’s been going on. She opened the garage door for me (I told her I could do it but she did, anyway). I came back in and got the container for raisins and filled it up. There was a carton of cooked dried lima beans I grabbed for supper.

By that time, I was steamed about not having Internet. I depend on it a lot for many things. My cousin had to tell me what the weather forecast was. I could see it was cloudy but I didn’t know rain and a cold front were moving in.

When I got back in the house, I grabbed my purse and keys and drove around looking for the perpetrators but they were nowhere to be found. I went down a road I hadn’t been on for years and was surprised to see a nice subdivision with beautiful homes. Then there was the little old rustic house still standing where my mother would visit a friend. It looks as if it’s about ready to fall down.

Pulling back into the driveway, I felt a bit better because I had done something.

Getting back on the computer, I ran diagnostics using the 1,000 foot cable merm bought me so many years ago. I mentally thanked her once again. The upshot was the program couldn’t contact the modem. But all the lights were green!

I went into the bedroom, unplugged the modem, counted slowly to 15 and plugged it back in. The lights started blinking and when I got back to the computer, I had mail! including this one from an AT&T support person:

Hi Tommie,
I am sorry to hear about the trouble. There is not a reported outage in your area. Can you please reboot your modem by unplugging from power source. After a minute plug the modem back to the power outlet. If there was working being preformed it could have caused an error in your modem and a reboot should correct it. If it does not the please let me know as we will need to send a technician out to find where the problem is coming from.

Ray, AT&T Social Media Manager M-F 10-7 CST

I guess I was supposed to get the message on my smart phone and I could if I had a data plan and could get a signal here. I emailed back and let him know that’s what I did and all was well.

He replied,

That is great news! It can be tricky like that sometimes. If you need anymore assistance please let me know.

The deck has been bugging me. I’ve unpacked boxes from Amazon out there and they were stacked and looking ugly. Something had knocked over a little planter and dirt had spilled. There were leaves and trash and it was just terrible. I grabbed a broom and went to work. The boxes were carried over and put in the building with the trash. A plastic pot was consigned to the end of the house where a couple small grow boxes are. I was making good headway when I started coughing. At times, I thought I was going to throw up. I ignored the spasms and kept on having to stop now and then to spit. The deck doesn’t look good, still, but it’s better.

My cousin called me this evening and talked while I stacked dishes. She’s had a rough several days and is feeling the effects. I hope she doesn’t make herself sick.

The water kefir has been harvested, raisins added and will be refrigerated tomorrow night. Twinkle was ambushed in the kitchen and dosed. I can hear raindrops hitting the vent in the bathroom. It should be good sleeping weather.

2 Responses to Week 7, Day 1

  1. Lila October 17, 2013 at 6:08 am #

    Tommie, I’m surprised you didn’t think of the possible solution to your Internet problem sooner! You taught me that years ago, and I resorted to it recently. It hasn’t been too long, though, since I went through a period of frustration before I remembered. Anyway, glad you’re back in business.

    • Tommie October 19, 2013 at 8:16 am #

      If there had been either no light or a red light on the modem, I would have known. All lights were green, though. Guess DSL and U-verse are different in more ways than one.

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