The clock in the bookcase is a bit fast. It already chimed 9 o’clock but it’s still another four minutes before it’s actually here.

Today has been another non-day. Even though I put on a new B-12 patch last night, my energy level was enough that I took a bath. That was all there was.

When I went to get the mail for the first time in two days, I spied my cousin in front of the garage. She took a short break from her unloading and straightening up while we talked.

One of my pieces of mail was from the Mother Ship. I got all excited thinking it was my refund but no. It was my member card giving me free parking. There are other perks, too, but that’s the only one I ever use. Two of the others are faxing and copying but I can do those at home.

Twinkle’s appetite comes and goes. Both her canned food and dry food bowls were empty yesterday morning. This morning, there was a lot left in both. I never know what to expect. Such is life.

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