The Phone Call

It was in the early early I woke this morning. The sky was just beginning to get light so I covered my eyes and went back to sleep. I dreamed I was in a hospital but all the female patients were sandwiched together in three beds. There must have been 60 of us packed in like sardines. My cousin was being berated for not following up on her tests. After that, I woke again and it was broad open daylight. I’d overslept.

I haven’t been much good for anything today. Yesterday hadn’t been that strenuous—at least I thought it hadn’t. Maybe the emotional toll it took on me wore me out. I’d had big hopes for what I could accomplish but it all went down the tubes.

Getting such a late start pushed my breakfast on toward noon. The phone rang and it was DS1. When I told him I was getting ready to eat, he told me to call him back when I had time to talk. That sounded ominous but I agreed to do just that.

Breakfast over, I called but got voice mail. I left a message then called his Google Voice number and it was voice mail again. I left another message.

Figuring I’d find out if the pharmacist at Bi-Lo was successful getting my B-12, I made that call but NO!! No luck. I was composing an email to my PCP when the phone rang and it was DS1.

We’d talked about this and that and nothing special when he said I needed to thank my DIL for the call. He said she’ll ask him every day if he’s called me and, of course, the answer is usually no. I guess it was this morning when she told him she wished she could call her mother, that the time may come when he’d wish the same thing about me. He asked me to email her a thanks so I did.

Our conversation lasted for almost an hour. He told me about a Chrome extension that is really neat and I shared the name of the supplement the pulmonologist had me get. Then he sent me a link to a tech program he likes. It was very pleasant and I hope the guilt trip my DIL laid on him has a lasting effect.

After we hung up, I finished the email to my PCP saying what problems I’m having getting my prescription filled properly. He answered he’d called an order in for another patient today and found it’s on back order. Well, shoot! I was hoping he could accomplish what I hadn’t been able to. I’ve since checked online and the multi-dose vials were supposed to be available last month. They haven’t trickled down to Tennessee yet.

Well, it’s getting late. Twinkle’s been dosed, fed and her water refreshed. I put on a B-12 patch and anticipate maybe being more productive tomorrow. The Q1 manuscript for 2014 is almost ready and I’ve been instructed to revise the templates yet again.

Life goes on.

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