Out of Shape

I’m convinced that I’m not going to feel better until I get into better shape. It’s kind of a Catch 22, though, because I can’t get into better shape the way I feel. Whenever I push myself to do more, I end up needing to sleep for a couple of days to recuperate. It’s a vicious cycle and I’m tired of it.

My electric bill came. I don’t have the large credit I did last year but it was enough to bring the total down to $42 for the month. That’s for both power and water.

I’d put off going to get groceries until yesterday. I should have known better but if I were in the Olympics of Procrastinators, I would be a shoo-in for the gold medal. From Wednesday on, I kept thinking, “I need to go restock” but I didn’t do it until it was absolutely necessary.

My hair has been shaggy for weeks. I don’t remember when I got it cut but it was ‘way before Labor Day. When I got to Walmart, I spied one of my two picks outside smoking. I went into the shop and was told she should be back in, “in 15 minutes”. I started shopping. Fifteen minutes turned into 20 and then half an hour. When I made my way back to the shop, she had gone to lunch! I never knew a break and lunch to be so close together. I was told to “come back in 30”.

Making my way around the store, I killed some more time and got everything I needed except stuff that would get too warm or melt. I found one of the produce guys who promised to make sure no one got my cart while I was gone and I made my way back to the shop and sat down. It was another 15 minutes before I got my hair cut but I couldn’t navigate any longer.

After trying unsuccessfully to engage me in conversation, I sat tired and silent while my locks were snipped away. I paid for the shearing and went back to claim my cart.

I was on a mission but I finally heard someone calling my name. It was my cousin (my neighbor’s sister), her husband and their grandson. We visited a bit and I went on to get the rest of my purchases.

Checking out, I told the cashier I had price match on the avocados. She said she was glad it was them because she had no idea what “that big black thing” was. The woman behind me was as surprised as I was. It was an eggplant. We talked about ways to fix it and we both expressed our pity on anyone who’d never had it.

Bi-Lo was the next stop. I was looking for pimientos to make more hummus. The stock boy I asked had to go find someone who knew what they were. A lady came over to help him and was saying, “You know pimiento cheese—well, these are pimentos.” I told her I was going to use them to make hummus. She was interested so I got her email address to send her the recipe.

When I finished there, I opened my coconut water and drank it on the way home.

It took several trips to unload the car, then more time to put everything away. When I checked my email, I saw my sister had called so I called her back and learned DS1 and family were to be at my niece’s for lunch today. Oh, well. It was too late for me to make plans to be there, too.

I fixed the easiest supper I knew how to fix, ate and before too much more time had passed, I went to bed.

Have you ever been too tired to rest well? That’s the way it was with me last night. I was surprised I didn’t have leg cramps because I’d walked almost 8k steps. Once, a muscle tried to knot up but I cut it off at the pass. My sleep was fitful and I got wound up in the recovery bag more than once. I got up this morning feeling like I’d been drug through a knot-hole.

When I went outside, my cousin was sitting on the back steps so I went over for a few minutes. It was just about an hour before I needed to leave that I came home, ate breakfast and got ready to go.

It was a good thing I didn’t decide to go to my niece’s. There would have been no organist if I had.

I wore my hearing aids and was able to hear almost everything that was said—except for the children’s story. The stand mics aren’t the best quality and the sound is rather muffled. I think I’d be better able to understand if they weren’t used but I don’t know that for sure.

After the service, a friend approached me and offered to pick me up for the special prayer meeting being held at a home this evening. I must’ve looked horrified because she backed off quickly. I don’t mean to be anti-social but I’m not up to being social and out until all hours yet.

One of my friends had brought me some things from Sam’s and the university supermarket plus some really good homegrown cucumbers.

Exhaustion had set in by the time I got to the house. I changed clothes and sat down to rest before I started my meal. The appetizer was tomatoes and one of those good cukes.

Twinkle and I have spent a quiet afternoon. I hope I can get more than recuperating accomplished tomorrow. We shall see what we shall see.

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  1. Lila October 13, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    Your experience with parking the shopping cart reminds me of my own a few years back. I had an appointment about 10 or 15 minutes from Walmart, but time to spare before the appointment. So I did a lot of my WM shopping, parked the cart where I would be able to locate it, went to the appointment, and back to find the cart right where I had left it. It was not in a secluded place, as I remember, but near the pharmacy section. A convenient saving of time.

    • Tommie October 13, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

      The fellows in the produce department are really nice. One of them is my Facebook friend.

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