A Double Whammy

I found out this morning that today was not only National Vegetarian Day but also National Kale Day. Since I’ve been vegetarian most of my life, raw vegan for almost five years and vegan for the last eight, AND I’m crazy about kale (the cooked kind), it was totally my day.

NPR had an article about vegetarians in honor of The Day (when will vegans be recognized?). Now, I have been vegetarian when it was ‘way uncool. People didn’t know how to relate to it—as if they do now.

I’ll have to admit, though, that it’s easier to be a vegetarian and/or a vegan now than it ever has been. I was watching a cooking competition the other day and one of the challenges was to make a vegetarian dish. Everyone but one of the cooks knew that you don’t use chicken stock in a vegetarian recipe. Needless to say, he lost.

Many recipe sites have vegetarian and vegan recipes but I’ve found it’s super easy to “veganize” ones that aren’t. There are lots of options to replace eggs—even without reaching for commercial egg replacers. My favorite is garbanzo flour. I use a tablespoon and extra liquid for each egg the recipe calls for. Need an egg flavor? How about The Vegg (commercial but cool)? More and more stores are stocking it and a teaspoon or two gives flavor and richness without fat. Chicken or beef stock? There are substitutes for that, too, or you can make your own vegetable stock with carrots, celery and onion. Then there’s cream as an ingredient. Blend up a handful of cashews and no one will be the wiser.

And now my mouth is watering.

It isn’t unusual for me to eat vegan. I do it every day. Today I also had kale so I fulfilled the requirements to celebrate both occasions in one. I even drank some of the “pot likker” off the kale. Now, folks, that’s livin’!

Today was warm enough I thought the a/c might kick on but it hasn’t. I’ll check the thermometer and if it’s too warm in the bedroom, I’ll turn it on so I can sleep.

The critters have all been fed (including me). I may go grocery shopping tomorrow but I’ll wait and make that decision then.

Good night, dudes and dudettes!

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