That’s aka being completely worthless. I have done little to nothing, all in the name of Healing. That’s what I’m supposed to do. That’s my full-time job now. I’m self-employed.

One of the fans started going out on my Cooler Master. It was driving me nuts. Even without my hearing aids, I could hear it starting and stopping. It was making my whole little table vibrate. I took it off the platform and had it hanging over the side and I could still hear it. Day before yesterday, I ordered another one. I figured the original one had lasted almost non-stop for two years so it was time. I’d rather spend a little bit of money on something to keep this computer cool than to have to buy a new notebook. Not that I’d be averse to having a new ‘puter but I really can’t justify getting another one until I have to.

Anyway, there was a knock on the door this afternoon and when I opened it, a package from Amazon had appeared. I could see my CIL going up the steps to the kitchen so I guess the package fit into their mailbox.

I immediately opened it and swapped it out. Now it’s so quiet I had to check to make sure it works and it does.

Other than fixing meals, eating and washing dishes, that’s been about it. It’s rained off and on all day which has made it perfect for lying around doing nothing.

Twinkle has had a lot of lap time so she’s happy to be on her favorite chair. I’m on mine and I’m okay. Over and out.

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