A Two Week Anniversary Celebration

The alarm woke me before 5:30 and when I “snoozed” it, I knocked it off onto the floor. To make sure it was still working, I stayed in bed until it alarmed again. That clock is more than 30 years old and it’s rather cantankerous but it took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’.

I got through all my morning routine and ate breakfast. Then I took what I hoped would be my last shower for a while.

Today was my maiden voyage with me at the helm. I made it just fine and got to the doctor’s office with just minutes to spare. My arrival time on the sign-in sheet was the same as my appointment time.

Said appointment time came and went. I sat and watched the TV on the wall that has the aspect ratio all wrong. Everyone looks like they weigh at least 30 lubs more than they really do.

By and by, a thin nervous man came in. He was no doubt a new patient because he was given the usual sheaf of papers to fill out. He was agitated and said he didn’t have his glasses. I offered to help him and he turned me down at first but after he sat for a few minutes, he agreed. We got the first two pages filled out and signed when the medical assistant (my former employee) came and got him and took him to a more private area to finish up.

I resumed my seat and continued to wait.

About 45 minutes in, I was called back to an exam room. The MA donned gloves and took the Steri-Strips off. She seemed surprised they had stayed but the instructions said they were supposed to so they did.

I was back to waiting.

The doctor came in, looked at my incisions and pronounced them very good. Then he started looking over my record and results. He asked how I felt and I said I was still a bit shaky but better. I told him the post-op instructions said not to do anything strenuous for one day so I figured the second day I should be fine to get out and be-bop around the yard. I’ve been paying for it just about ever since.

He went over the pathology report which contained words I didn’t understand but he said my gallbladder was inflamed and close to gangrene. He agreed that I was one lucky person. He advised me not to expect to feel back to normal (whatever that is) for six to eight weeks and I probably wouldn’t heal completely for a year.

My burning question was, “Can I take a bath?” Yes. I could take a bath. Ah! Music to my ears! The tub had been sitting there beckoning to me for two whole weeks. He gave me some more words of advice and wished me well. He wouldn’t need to see me again unless there was a problem.

On the way out, I stopped at the window and asked the girl if I owed a co-pay or if this were global. She said anything 90 days after surgery is global so I was good to go. No co-pay.

Sitting by the door were a couple of people I hadn’t seen in ages. He had applied for the manager’s position I was asked to take. He’d worked in the office a few days and I think he was satisfied he didn’t get the job. He works at the local hatchery and is one of the “higher ups” so everything worked out for him.

The audiologist’s office was my next stop. Whenever I wear my hearing aids, I have to turn them down as soon as I put them in. The aud told me to make an appointment with her secretary (aka The Boss) so that’s what I did. I was able to see Genese’s clip for her aids, too, and it’s so cute! She should have the aid and the clip tomorrow so I won’t spoil it by saying what it is.

I hadn’t had much breakfast and the chef at the little cafe in town had posted she was looking for someone to take over. I wanted to have at least one last meal before she was gone forever. When I walked in, she grabbed me and hugged me. We talked about what she could fix for me and I took a seat.

There was one other woman who came in for lunch and that was it.

While I waited for my lunch, I munched on some delicious flat bread and rosemary bread dipped in olive oil with pesto. It was so good! I could have made a meal on that. I’d told her this was my two week anniversary so the plate she brought me was beautiful. I had miso soup, salad, tempeh, fried green tomatoes, grilled peppers, a slice of pineapple and two little chunks of honeydew. I drank lemonade. It was totally outside the parameters of what I normally eat but it was delicious.

Leaving there, I went to Walmart. I’d taken some coconut water with me but I was feeling so good, I didn’t think I’d need it. I was looking at the banana display when here came the couple from the clinic. They must’ve been following me. After walking all over the store and checking out, I was tired.

Getting into the car, I went ahead and backed out and was sitting at the stop sign when I decided I really did need that coconut water. The top is hard to get off but I managed it while traffic backed up behind me. I sipped it on the way home and felt better.

After I got here, I unloaded the car, then sat down for a full hour before I put things away. I’d bought some scuppernongs for my CIL and I took them over. Examining the fig tree, I found five little figs but it turned out only three of them were any good.

Walmart had huge bags of kale, triple washed and cut up, for a little over $2. If it hadn’t been ready to cook, I wouldn’t have bought it. I put it in a large pan and, of course, it cooked down to a fraction of the original amount. It isn’t sweet like homegrown that has been through a frost or two but it’s okay. I ended up with a quart beside what I ate for supper.

Folks, I am bushed. I took my long-awaited bath and I didn’t think I was ever going to get out of the tub. I guess it’s a good thing baths were forbidden because I might have been marooned for days. For now, I think I’ll stick with showers.

Twinkle was trying to get away from me and the dreaded dropper of B-12. I yelled at her, “Twinkle, I DON’T FEEL GOOD!! STOP! I MEAN IT!! STOP IT!” And she did. Don’t tell me animals are dumb.

4 Responses to A Two Week Anniversary Celebration

  1. Lila September 18, 2013 at 7:31 am #

    No wonder you were tired! Glad Twinkle had the good sense to cooperate.

    • Tommie September 18, 2013 at 9:39 am #

      She is a strange cat but I’m glad, too. I was in no mood to chase her and wouldn’t have had the energy, anyway.

  2. Mary Jane September 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    The obedient cat gave me a good laugh! Guess she knew you really meant business!

    A good soak in the tub can do wonders for a tired body. Glad you can now do it when you want to.

    • Tommie September 18, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

      I won’t be bathing for a long time. Not until I can get out of the tub easily, anyway.

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