Shower Day!

I messed up. That was the subject of my email to my PCP early this morning. I’d taken two pain pills about five hours apart in the evening and had wondered why they didn’t do anything to cut the pain. I got up at 4 a.m. TT to take another and discovered I’d taken Cipro. I asked if I should continue it since I hadn’t had the reaction I did before and he said yes. So…I’m back on the antibiotic. I don’t like it but I’d hate worse to manufacture antibiotic resistant bugs because I’d started them and stopped again. You can bet I’ve put the pain pills where I won’t get them mixed up.

I wasn’t going to stay up at 4 a.m. so I took the pain pill and went back to bed. It didn’t keep me awake so it was the coffee.

It’s been a better day and I’ve probably overdone it. I did a huge load of laundry (my Dress, a pair of panties, two pairs of socks and the compression stockings). It was touch and go getting them out of the dryer because the edge of it hits just at my belly button. That problem was solved by my extending my arm in as far as possible from the ‘pit.

My plan to have some almond milk went awry when I shook it after I opened it and it started leaking from around the spout. The carton was bulging but that’s happened before and it was okay. I’ve emailed the company about it but haven’t heard back.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in bed today but a lot up, too.

It was Shower Day. My post-op instructions given to my cousin were, if I hadn’t peed by midnight surgery day, I was to go to the ER. I did at 8:45 EDT. I was to leave the bandages in place until today. The Steri-Strips stay until my next appointment. Until then, as of today, I can shower but no tub baths.

Before I got out of bed from my morning kind-of-nap, I took the bandages off. There’s bruising beside two of the incisions—the one in my belly button and the one farthest from that one. There are four incisions in all.

The shower felt so good. I’d been stinky but didn’t feel like taking a “bowl bath” like Mother used to. She’d say, “I washed down as far as possible and up as far as possible and then I washed possible.” Is that TMI? Should the last “possible” be capitalized?

I put on my Dress and went outside. It has been a beautiful day. I walked to the mailbox and back and it seemed farther than usual.

My mail was the bank statement and my power/water bill. Before the bill, I had an $80+ credit. It will be interesting to see how much credit I build this year. Rates have gone up so it won’t be as much as last year, I’m sure. My electricity was a bit less than $100 for the month.

There was a big box on the deck from Amazon—my subscribe and save items for this six months. I unloaded it bit by bit rather than try to carry a whole lot at once. One of the purchases was coconut water. I sat down and treated myself to a tall glass of it. I figured I need the potassium, especially with my going back on the Cipro.

I’ve dunced around and not done a whole lot. I don’t guess I’m supposed to. Wondering what to have for supper, I went out and pulled a couple of carrots. When I got the camera, I didn’t realize I’d pushed the video button until the pictures were loaded onto my computer this evening. It’s RAW to say the least. The carrots were huge and there’s no way to miss the tremor in my hand.

I kept pushing the shutter button and wondered why nothing was happening. This is my first full-length video with this camera.

The carrots were duly peeled and shredded. They aren’t at all sweet which is disappointing. I added some coconut sugar to them but it didn’t help a lot. Besides that, I had peas and potatoes. OH! I forgot! My appetizer was four figs off the tree, eaten while standing in the sunshine. Supper was peas, carrots and potatoes. I had a small spoonful of peanut butter, too.

When my cousin got home, I went over to say hello. She and one of her crew were unloading a lot of scrap lumber from the current job. She didn’t seem particularly surprised to see me out there. Her husband stood at the back door and whistled for the cats. I’ve never seen cats answer a whistle like that. It was quite unique.

I’m finding it easier to sit down and get up. I’m still plenty sore but I’m sure that will continue to get better. My successor at the hospital posted on my Facebook status, “Hope you’re feeling better after your surgery! My mom had her gallbladder out about a month ago and did great.” She’s a bit older than I am so I should be okay. I hope I get the results from pathology tomorrow.

Twinkle headed under the rebounder when I started toward her with her B-12. I pulled her out and she shrieked at me. Managing to shoot it down her throat, I’m about ready to call it a day and go to bed. Good night.

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