My Loss Is Their Gain

Today has been a better day but about anything would have been an improvement over the last few. Thursday night was okay. I slept pretty well. I wasn’t up off and on all night and I wasn’t as out of it yesterday as I had been on Thursday.

DD emailed wanting to know if I was having surgery. She had been alerted to my blog by merm. After that, I included her and my other children in my updates to my sisters.

I’d been thinking about plain potato soup. That was my breakfast. One medium potato, peeled and cut up, boiled in water with a bit of salt. I ate about half of it and couldn’t eat any more. The rest was put away for later.

My cousin’s brother-in-law got here practically on the minute he said he would. When I got in the vehicle, he told me he’d brought someone to hold my hand. There in the back seat was my neighbor/cousin’s sister (also my cousin) (this could get confusing). He said he’d actually brought her along so she wouldn’t clean house. That’s not a problem with me.

It wasn’t at all hard finding the surgeon’s office. On the way in, I asked my cousin if she was going to hold my hand, so we walked that way for a few feet. I think it kind of spooked her when I said they might think we were a couple. I need to learn to filter my comments before I blurt them out but it was kind of funny.

I was the only name on the sign-in sheet. I’d gotten two forms filled out and had started the third when I was called back. The nurse weighed me and showed me to the exam room to take my blood pressure. It was good. She finished filling out the form for me and went about as fast as the pulmonologist. She left the room and there I sat on the table.

A very young-looking man came in dressed in casual clothes. I found out later he doesn’t have office hours on Friday. He had come in to see me and one other patient. I’ve also learned that he is married, the father of five children and a former Navy SEAL. His credentials in the medical field are impressive, as well.

He sat down, got comfortable and started looking over my chart. He sort of did a double-take when he saw my ultrasound results. “Three centimeters. Not the biggest I’ve seen but plenty big.” I later looked it up in inches. I have a stone that measures 1.18″. No wonder I’ve hurt.

He asked a few questions, checked my heart, lungs and carotids with his stethoscope, then checked my bilateral pulses. He seemed satisfied. Explaining that anesthesia doesn’t staff the local hospital on the weekends, my surgery would have to be after the holiday. Could I make it until then? I thought I could. I was still hurting some but not as much as before.

Then he launched into a campaign for me to have other tests. I explained to him that I’m a non-compliant patient but I agreed to think about it. We went out to the scheduling station where the nurse printed off the BRATT diet I am to follow until the day before surgery. Bananas (the only raw food I can have), rice (he said white but agreed I could try brown and see how it went), applesauce, and toast plus toast with jelly.

The nurse called the hospital and scheduled me for the spot available the soonest. She explained to whoever she was talking to that she would have to reschedule his patients during that time. Then she gave me a paper showing where I’m to be at what time. I was not to eat or drink anything—not even water—from midnight on. No, I shouldn’t take my thyroid med, either.

The doctor wrote an order for an EKG and a prescription for Cipro 500 mg to be taken twice daily. I’d told him I hate taking antibiotics because they wipe me out but he said I should take it prophylactically before the surgery in case there was any infection.

I went to the waiting room, signed the credit card slip for my co-pay and we left.

Heading to the hospital, my cousin and I went in while her DH sat in the vehicle. I was duly registered and a tall, nice-looking man took me back for the EKG. I didn’t have my hearing aids on so I couldn’t hear everything he said but he asked if I was familiar with an EKG. Yes. However, their machine wasn’t quite like the one where I worked. It was much more easily done and was over more quickly. Oh, and he’s the only man who has ever seen my black and pink lace bra.

He showed me out, I thanked him, and we left.

Bi-Lo was the next stop where I turned in my prescription and started shopping for the things on my BRATT list. I was trying to find jelly without HFCS in it when I looked up and there was one of my favorite people from work. It was my friend who steered me in the right direction to find durian without having to leave the country.

She still works, occasionally, at the hospital and caught me up on a few of the changes. One sounds like it could be a pretty good one—the new DON.

I asked if she still went to the Asian market and yes, she’ll be there soon for some things. She’s such a sweet person. It lifted my spirits to see her.

Going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, I was ready to swipe my credit card when the girl handed it to me. I asked, “How much is it?” “Nothing.” She showed me the slip and, sure enough, it was all zeros. I could handle that!

Checking out, we went to the vehicle and poor CIL was really hurting. He drove me home, my cousin grabbed all of my purchases and brought them to the house. I asked her to wait a minute while I came in and loaded up a box with mangoes and a pint of blueberries. She said her DH won’t eat mangoes so I told her to share them.

They left and since it was the first time in hours that I was able to rest, I dropped. A bit later, I changed clothes and went over to see my cousin and update her on the happenings.

The kittens had knocked the glass out of the storm door as well as the panel at the bottom. She was busy fixing it so we talked while she worked. My CIL came out and informed me the figs are getting ripe. He had to bring one over to show me. I told him to have at it. I can’t eat them. They might rile my gallbladder.

I told her I was going to share food with them I can’t eat so I came home and loaded up a mango, the last tomato, the rest of a nice English cucumber, an avocado and most of a bag of romaine hearts. I said he can try the mango and if he likes it, there’s more.

Coming back to the house, I mashed up the last avocado in a container, added lemon juice to the top for insurance and put it in the freezer. My sister-in-law freezes them without the juice but I need convincing.

I had voice mail from the surgical nurse at the hospital and was getting ready to call her back when the phone rang. She was on the other end of the line. She asked my height and weight, age, plus other questions I can’t remember. I’d need to come in early for labs. I told her my PCP had ordered a CBC, BMP and (I think) an amylase the day before. Where did I have them done? There. Oh, good! I’d need an EKG. Nope, had that done today. There. Well, since I was all set, I wouldn’t have to get there quite as early. That’s nice. She also said I could take my thyroid med with “a tiny sip of water”. I hated to miss that since that’s definitely important.

The sinks were full of dishes left over from fava bean production but I didn’t have the energy to do anything with them. I heated up the rest of the potato soup, crumbled some crackers into it (they’re on the list, too), ate that, and took the first Cipro. Twinkle didn’t run when I got her B-12. I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I don’t know what time it was, but my feet and ankles felt like they were in knots. A couple of nights ago, I’d pushed the recovery bag aside so it wouldn’t get lotion on it when I put some Pain-A-Trate on my back to try to get relief. I had the beginnings of cramping and I’d put my feet over against it and they’d go away. Here I was, IN the bag and in agony. I came in, got the earthing pad, and it didn’t help, either. These were cramps that wouldn’t go away until they were good and ready. That happened several times in the night. Off and on, I’d wake up bathed in sweat. I never do that. It was miserable.

About 2 a.m., I posted on Facebook that I was going to make some homemade “Pedialyte”. I’d found a recipe on another site for it. I used a quart of filtered water, two tablespoons whole organic sugar, and one teaspoon Himalayan pink salt. I drank a cup of that and went back to bed.

I was finally able to get some decent sleep around 3 a.m. on.

I’d read the side effects of the Cipro and saw those were two of them but I was looking more for restlessness or sleeplessness. Those were two I didn’t want to have to deal with.

When I got up, I couldn’t face taking any more of the antibiotic but I didn’t know if, by taking one, I would be committed to taking all of them. After leaving a message for the doctor’s receptionist (she’s the one I’d seen back in April that I knew from work—I’d hired her) on Facebook. I was halfway praying she would see it when it occurred to me I could call the office and get the answering service. I did that and left a message for the doctor. Figuring it would take some time to get back to me, I concentrated on something else. Within minutes, the phone rang. I explained my problem and he told me to quit taking the Cipro. I was to go to the ER if I had any problems. How was I feeling? Well, it is more pressure than pain now. Good.

My Wii Fit Body Test showed I’ve lost eight+ lubs since Sunday. I still tested at the Wii Fit Age of 20.

I drank my water. Slowly. When enough time had gone by, I ate breakfast. Later, I drank some more water then I ate supper. I’ve pretty much stuck to the diet except for the banana. They still aren’t ripe enough to eat. I had a plain potato with kala namak.

Today, I finally had an appetite and can’t eat a lot of what I have in the house. It’s frustrating. It won’t be much longer, though, and I’ll be able to eat salad again. I was just getting back into them when the bomb dropped.

One of my friends from church messaged me on Facebook that they missed me. I messaged Genese but she’s either not feeling good or without Internet.

It’s been a quiet day at home. The stress of having to take the antibiotic is gone and my front and back are less painful. Maybe I’ll live, after all.

4 Responses to My Loss Is Their Gain

  1. Genese September 1, 2013 at 7:09 am #

    I had my gallbladder removed 32 years ago when Kimberly was 8 weeks old. There were hundreds of stones the size of okra seeds. Both my girls have had their gallbladders out; Kaitlyn was only 16 when she had the surgery.

    I pray you recover quickly with renewed vim and vigor.

    • Tommie September 1, 2013 at 9:29 am #

      Thanks, Genese. Seems stones the size of okra seeds wouldn’t cause problems but I guess since there were hundreds of them…

  2. Mary Jane September 1, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    By being on the restricted diet you may be able to avoid another attack. Before I had my gallbladder out I was very wary of eating anything that might cause that awful pain. Once I was faced with a dessert i would have loved, but I said that there was nothing that was worth eating if it could cause another attack. Not much longer, so hang in there!

    • Tommie September 1, 2013 at 10:27 am #

      No fats at all will keep me from another one but an avocado surely would be nice. I keep thinking about that cashew gravy in the freezer, too, but I’m going to wait until I can eat it and not be paranoid. I have coconut ice cream, peach and mango sorbet, and a myriad other things but I’m not to have anything very hot or very cold, either. Spicy foods are taboo and you know how I like my heat. Oh, well. This, too, shall pass.

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