She Would Have Been 109.

Had my mother lived, that is. Yesterday, I saw a post about someone who is purported to be 123. Compared to the people in the sermon this morning, that’s just a youngster. Did you know that when Adam died, there were seven generations all living on the earth at the same time? That boggles the mind. Noah was 480 when he started building the ark—and none of his children had been born yet! He was 500 when his wife gave birth to Shem. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Artie Belle

We’ll see how far I get into this tonight. I’m already yawning. I didn’t sleep too well last night. There were too many trips to the bathroom but my ankles were nice and slim this morning. They haven’t bulked up as much as usual today. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Earthing Recovery Bag? Wow! The price has really jumped since I ordered mine.

Anyway, one of the forum members has a bag. Another has the half sheet. They both swear by them, their benefits, and they wouldn’t be without them. The first one has bought her brother one of the bags, too. They are used by athletes after strenuous workouts and some doctors have their patients get them. The little mousepad has proved its worth over and over so the recovery bag has to be even better, right?

Usually, when I order something, I forget about it until it gets here. This time, I practically camped out at the computer, checking the progress of the shipment every now and then.

I broke away long enough to take a shower and get dressed. Surely the mail had run (it was coming by FedEx Smartpost) so I opened the front door to go check. There was a package on the deck! I practically did the Happy Dance.

Tearing into the package, there was the bag. It didn’t have the cord with it because it’s a replacement but the cord to the mousepad fit. It isn’t quite long enough to go to the outlet I want to plug it into so I ordered a 15′ cord as well.

I laid it out on the bed, plugged it into the outlet across the room from the foot of the bed (WHY don’t they put the connector on the other end of the bag??) and lay down in it. I didn’t stay long but when I got up, I had more energy than I’d had for a long time. I got more accomplished the rest of the day than I had for several in a row.

The phone had rung that morning and it was my cousin. She told me she’d made a boo-boo the day before. She was using a nail gun and had already pulled the trigger when the board she was intending to nail slipped. She ended up hitting her thigh with the gun and a 3″ nail was fired into it. She ended up in the ER. When the nail was pulled out, it was evident an artery had been hit. Fortunately, it wasn’t a main artery but she said blood was going everywhere. They put a compression bandage on it and she’s been having an enforced rest. There’s already been a lot of pain associated with it but “they” say tomorrow will be even worse.

Last night, I sort of slept in the bag. I’m not used to being in a confined space when I’m sleeping so it will take some getting used to. It looks huge on the bed but when I get in and, later, turn over, I hit the other side. I’m going to try re-positioning it on the bed and see if that helps. Prior to ordering, I was reading the reviews. One of the reviewers said to prepare for some vivid dreams. I did dream but I can’t say they were particularly vivid.

I made it to Sabbath School just a few minutes early. The congregation was slim today because of activities elsewhere. The person responsible for the church service was one who was gone. He’d turned everything over to another elder. I was able to collar him and find out what the hymns were.

My hearing aids did well in Sabbath School and worked when the teacher left the microphone, going to the other side of the church and talking to the people there as if they were the only ones in the class. I was even able to hear the children’s story. Once, one of the ladies whispered something to me and I still have problems there. I’ll have to see what my audiologist has to say about it.

After church, I went to see Genese. She was in a better frame of mind than when we talked yesterday. We had a good visit and I gave her the rest of her birthday present—a box of 40 hearing aid batteries. Those should do her a day or two. She was the recipient of a Keitt mango, too.

Her current problem—her computer is using a lot more of its resources than it should. She was looking at the difference between the memory and the CPU and it really doesn’t make any sense. If I’d had my wits about me, I would have checked the processes to see what’s eating into it but I don’t think well on my feet sometimes.

At home, I decided I’d be smart and open a can of refried beans for my meal. They are extremely salty and that comes from a saltaholic. They’re vegetarian and I suppose they thought they had to make up for something they lacked with a tablespoon of salt. Maybe if I mash a tater up in them?

It started raining later this afternoon. My CIL called and left voice mail (the phone was in the kitchen and I didn’t hear it ring) asking me to feed the critters. They wouldn’t be home as early as the critters would be hungry. Thankfully, it quit raining long enough for me to go over and take care of the sugar babies and the kittens. When I was getting the cat food, I heard “WHAP WHAP!!” I looked and there were two cat bodies plastered on the screen of the storm door. What a time to be without my camera! I finished the job, came home, and it started raining again.

There’s a lot of water on the deck so it must have rained pretty hard. As of August 1, rainfall for Chattanooga was almost 15″ above normal. That’s pretty amazing. I’ve never seen an August when the grass didn’t turn brown and crispy. It’s nice to look out and see all the green.

DD is due back home again tomorrow night. I know she will be very glad to see Pixel and merm (and probably in that order).

It’s close to 9:30 TT and I’m going to shut this down. Now.

5 Responses to She Would Have Been 109.

  1. Mary Jane August 18, 2013 at 7:51 am #

    Yeserday I told someone that Mother would have been 109, and that she lived to be 100. 123? Don’t think I’ll make it (or want to).

    I cringed at the idea of your cousin having that nail in her thigh! Give her my sympathy!

    Too bad you didn’t have your camera with you! I liked the picture you took of one kitten plastered against the screen. They get the message across that it’s dinner time!

  2. Lila August 18, 2013 at 8:32 am #

    Never heard of an Earthing bag before, but I’m sure I’ll never own one. I’ll have to do some research to learn more about their purpose. Anyway, somebody is making a wad of money, I’m betting.

  3. Tommie August 18, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    Mary Jane, I wouldn’t want to live that long, either. And I’ll pass the word along to my cousin. When I went outside this morning, two of the kittens came over but their human can feed them now.

    Lila, I’d never heard of “earthing” by that label until a little over a year ago. My uncle-in-law would lie on the ground to accomplish the same thing the Earthing products do but I’d be covered with bugs and nosed by kittens so this is a better solution. I’m sure the profit margin is good but I couldn’t make something like that myself. I wouldn’t know where to start looking for material with silver threads woven into it.

  4. peach August 19, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Hope the earthing bag works well for you Tommie, love mine. They are expensive mainly because of the silver threads, silver is expensive. I know the guy who makes them puts most of the money back into research. Was listening to an interview the other day with Dr Mercola and Dr Sinatra (he is the heart specialist that has used earthing extensivly on his patients and helped write the book) He was saying there is so much research going on with earthing, they have had some amazing new evidence about how well it works. If you can’t afford any of the earthing products for inside the house walk barefoot or swim in the lakes/oceans/rivers as much as you can.

    Ouch about the nail gun.

    • Tommie August 19, 2013 at 7:49 pm #

      I’ve had more energy since I’ve been sleeping in the bag, Peach. I have a long way to go, though.

      My cousin is doing better. She’s a determined woman and there isn’t much that can keep her down. 🙂

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