My Get-Up-and-Go Has Done Got-Up-and-Went.

It isn’t to say I’ve been totally do-less. I did get a lot done on the lessons today but not much around the house. The Index is probably the most tedious part. At least I was able to find the 42 instances of “13c” and replace them with “13d” quickly. That Notepad++ can be a lifesaver.

My friend called me today to find out the phone number of my audiologist’s office. When I gave it, she was surprised. It wasn’t the prefix she expected. I told her they ran out of numbers for the old one and they had to get another. She thought that was good since it signals growth. I don’t know if she called or not.

There was a surprise check in the mail. The audiologist had sold Genese’s neck loop. I PayPal’ed half of what I’d paid to Genese and am going to give her a practical gift after church that will make up the rest. Happy birthday/Merry Christmas!

I’m glad to say I haven’t been coughing much today. That makes it kinda sad to tell you I’ve been a bit short of breath now and then. Maybe if I can sleep as well as I did last night I can work wonders in the house tomorrow.

My cousin told me the Ex-Squatter finally got a job and shortly thereafter, he was hurt. It was something about his kneecap and leg that had to be pinned. I don’t know if there are any metal plates involved but one of the pins is working its way out and he’s in the hospital. He’s called them in the middle of the night so they’re turning the phone off when they go to bed.

Twinkle wasn’t happy to get her new B-12. The bottle it comes in is four times the size of the others and the dropper only draws up half a ml. I use a tiny funnel to put some in the smaller bottle that has a dropper with a bigger bulb and I spilled some. It wasn’t much but I figured Twinkle would smell it and go into hiding. She didn’t and she got dosed.

I tried measuring my height today but I think I need my cousin to do it for me. A rough guesstimate put me two inches taller than I measured at the doctor’s office yesterday.

Speaking of measurements, there was 1.5″ plus a tad of rain in the gauge from day before yesterday. No telling how much evaporated.

It isn’t even 8:30 yet and I’m sleepy. You can be glad because this is where I stop.

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