I Don’t Know How I Did It.

To say I took yesterday off is an understatement. I got very little done on anything anywhere anytime. Thursday had been such a whirlwind of activity with a layer of stress that it knocked the stuffin’ out of me. There was a whole lot around here that needed attention but I paid it no mind.

One thing I did do was make a bit of preparation for today’s fellowship meal.

My cousin called to thank me for the tomatoes I took over to her other half. I guess she didn’t make it home this weekend. The woman works too hard. She rarely even stops to eat and it shows. I wish I could give her some of my excess.

DS1 and family had been to his mother-in-law’s memorial. He called to let me know how it had gone. It sounded like a very nice service. My DIL and my granddaughter did a Power Point presentation which he promised to email to me but I have yet to see it. I was in the middle of eating supper so I signed off to finish and called him back later for the rest of the story.

This morning, I did my Body Test with the Wii. I’ve had such a unique pattern so far this month, I decided to take some pictures. The positions of the feet indicate method in my madness. Pointing to the left means my Wii Fit Age was over 30. Pointing to the right is over 20 and pointing up is 20 on the nose. Or toes? Anyway, I don’t have any days (yet) over 40 which would be with the toes pointing south.

The first picture is my Mii just standing there. I imagine she is bored.

My Mii

This one is classic. Unless I open my eyes wide in a picture, this is what you see.

Just like me Mii.

The balance board dashes behind the calendar every now and then and my Mii is trying to spot it. Sometimes it just ambles across but it was moving pretty fast this time.

Looking for the balance board.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a whole lot to entertain me. I’m low maintenance.

I got busy and readied myself for church leaving early enough to go by the nursing home to leave some peaches and hummus for Genese. She was awake when I went in but I was going to make sure she knew I was there, anyway. I was due at the church within minutes so I made like the balance board and dashed.

One of my friends had brought her husband to church and was leaving when I got there. She told me she’d wanted to talk to me so we had a brief conversation then and there.

Song service had already started. I made my way to the organ and chimed in eventually. The song leader made sure I heard the hymn numbers. I really appreciated that.

The last time the audiologist adjusted my aids, she had backed off on everything but the music program. She wanted me to use it as much as I could tolerate it. I decided to try it in church and I could hear speech clearly! I had to turn it all the way down but words were understandable. I was psyched.

I always try to fit the prelude and offertory in with the songs the speaker has chosen. I had no problem with the prelude but there was nothing else in that section of the hymnal that was appropriate for the offertory. One of my favorite songs is #289 in the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. “The Savior is Waiting” is my go-to selection. When I decided that’s what I would play, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that’s what the two sisters are going to sing…” Well, that’s just what happened. I played the offertory and after the children’s story, they got up and sang it. I apologized later for stealing their song.

Now, let’s see. I had walked out of the house to the car. I’d walked from the car to Genese’s room (I saw a couple of friends on the way), then back to the car. When I got to the church, it was from the car (I park ‘way down the line from the front door) into the church and up to the pew where I took off my shoes. After playing for song service—the rest of it, at least—and the opening song, I went to the pew and put my shoes back on. When the superintendent finished (and it was a very interesting talk complete with props) I walked to the car, got out my dish and took it to the fellowship hall. It was back to the church where I sat down and listened to the Sabbath School discussion. I went out to the bathroom, back in and up the the pew where I took off my shoes to play the organ (yes, I’m a barefoot organist). After the special music, I walked back to the bathroom again, then returned to my seat to hear the sermon. Church over, I made my way to the fellowship hall, walked around in there, ate, visited some more with friends (including the one I’d talked to before church). Picking up my almost empty dish, I went to the car, drove back to the nursing home and walked from the car to Genese’s room and back again. At home, I walked from the car to my bedroom and took those blamed heels off my protesting feet.

Oh, here’s an aside. When my friend and I were visiting, she pointed to my remote and asked if it is my cell phone. I explained I can control my hearing aids with it. (Last Sabbath, one of the men indicated it and I told him I was under house arrest.) We started talking about hearing aids and I was bragging about my audiologist. When I mentioned her name, she said her husband is related to someone by that name. I started listing her siblings and they are a match. It’s a small world. And now…

When I started working at the hospital, a lot of the office staff dressed up. We wore nice dresses or pants sets with heels. I walked all over that hospital and back again in heels. Several trips a day sometimes. It was ridiculous. The bit of walking I did today (I have a bit over 3500 steps on my pedometer) and my feet STILL hurt.

Genese and I had quite a visit. She has asked to be allowed to sleep at night without interruption. After she’s given her sleeping pill, you’d think sleeping is what she’s supposed to do, right? Not so! The staff has been instructed to go in and check her bed at night. Her wishes are being completely disregarded and that’s wrong. A resident has rights and one of them is to be able to refuse but by the time she’s awake enough to refuse, she is fully awake. Not nice at all.

Then her son-in-law had a close call. A year ago last April, he’d been hit by a train and lost both his legs. This time, he was in his motorized wheelchair and was hit by an SUV. At that time, Genese’s daughter thought he was okay but the wheelchair was damaged. The driver got out and kept assuring the victim he was all right. He tossed him a $20 bill and said that would fix the chair, got in his vehicle and left. Someone had who had witnessed the accident called 911 and reported it. Hopefully, the culprit will be found and prosecuted. The last time there was damage to the wheelchair it cost $200 to fix it and, from what I understand, this time it’s worse. Plus, now that a few days have passed, he’s having pain.

The article I wrote for SSNet has posted. If you want to read what made DS1 cry, just click here.

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  1. Mary Jane August 11, 2013 at 4:53 pm #

    You must finally be on the right track with the hearing aids!

    • Tommie August 11, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

      I believe you’re right. They don’t even make these any more. The aids are a step above the first ones I had. The newer ones are too wide to fit behind my ears comfortably. I wouldn’t have even tried my current ones if the company hadn’t messed up and sent the 501s that were supposed to be 701s. Providential?

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