Welcome Back to CyberSpace!

My sister had been without phone or Internet since the line was cut during a driveway redo. Yesterday, the phone company repair people went out and did a temporary fix so she’s back online. I think. There’s been one brief (very brief) message from her since. Our other sister had sent me her cell phone number in case I needed to call her. I told her it was fortunate she gets a signal at her house. Not all of us are so lucky.

Yesterday was DD’s last day at work. It was the first I knew that the company she was working for has been sold. That was a surprise. She did love her job. I hope she finds something she likes as much.

During our conversation on Thursday, the audiologist’s secretary and the aud had a consultation and it was decided I should come in at noon on Friday. The aud usually closes up shop then but she’d wait for me. I’d decided I would go in early and, if she didn’t have another client, we’d get done and she could get out of there. It didn’t help. She took me into her office at 11:40 EDT. When I told her my plan she laughed. It was a rueful laugh. She said she’d probably not make it out until after 5. One of her ladies was coming more than 100 miles for an adjustment and she had no idea how long it would take. So much for that.

I told her I hadn’t adjusted my hearing aids after I put them on. I went out into my bathroom and discovered the low roar I was hearing was the fan I keep going in the living room. She reiterated the fact that she believes I have recruitment though probably not to a large degree.

She decided she was probably pushing me too fast so it was agreed she’d back off some on the adjustment and gradually get me to the goal. It seemed like a good plan to me. When she toned things down, it did sound much better. She left the “music” program as it was and asked me to use it several times a day as I could tolerate it. Then she told me to go play with my clicker at Walmart. I wished for her that she would be able to go home soon and told the secretary to have a good vacation.

My fuel indicator was about to go into warning light mode so I stopped and filled the tank. I’m still getting 34.5 mpg which isn’t bad with the a/c running much of the time.

Pulling out of that station is touch and go so I went toward the “used food store” as Mother used to call such so I could turn around. On a whim, I went in. They had beautiful blueberries for $1.50 per pint and I got a bottle of corn syrup so my granddaughter and I can try this someday:


Rather than play with my clicker when I got to Walmart, I took my aids off so I could get a haircut. The fellow who did it once before was the one who signed me in. Told it would be 20 minutes, I got a lot of my shopping done before I went back. The one responsible for my worst haircut tried to snare me but I told her Jimmy was cutting it. He did a decent job though I’ve had to snip a bit here and there.

Finishing up, I stopped at Bi-Lo where I asked for (and got) fruit fly-free cherries and then on to the roadside market where I bought some more of their luscious tomatoes. They have huge sweet onions, too, and I couldn’t resist.

It took, seemingly, forever to get the car unloaded. When I checked my pedometer last night, I had as many steps on it as when I exercise.

I had voice mail from my cousin asking me to feed the critters and kittens since they were yard sale-ing and wouldn’t be home until today. I’d need to feed the kittens this morning, too.

I’d planned to make a Fred’s Mom’s Salad but delay after delay made me wait. I did have it today and posted this picture on Facebook.

Fred's Mom's Salad

After various and sundry things that had to be done, I was finally able to sit down and unwind a bit in the late afternoon.

DS1 never checks his email—or rarely does. I called him and told him to do it. I’ve written a post for SSNet and I mention him by name. I wanted his permission to publish it that way. If he refused, I would revise it and call him something else.

This morning, I had an email from him saying to go ahead and publish. Then he said, “Thanks for bringing me to tears this morning!” He has a tender heart.

I got to church early but didn’t get to play with the settings on my aids. A duet was being practiced. The singers are cousins, both female. One is very young (and I mean very young) and the other is ready for her sophomore year in college.

Things went okay, everything considered. I had to look up the numbers of several hymns because the songleaders didn’t announce them or didn’t announce them loudly enough. I mistook some words for others, too. Comfort took away clarity. We all lived through it at any rate.

After special music, the younger of the two singers was in the bathroom. I told her she’d done a good job. She explained that her cousin had a sore throat once so she went up to help her. “And that’s how you got started?” I asked. She proudly nodded.

This afternoon, I had my salad. I called some friends who weren’t at church and got voice mail. When she called me back, it was obvious why she wasn’t there. She said she has whooping cough except now it’s known as asthmatic bronchitis. I could have sworn someone asked for prayer for her husband and said he was in the hospital. He’s been sick but he’s at home. With my aids the way they are now, who knows what I heard?

Later, the phone rang and it was my neighbor. They weren’t going to be home as early as they had planned so could I feed the critters and kittens again? No problem.

The kittens have had the habit of streaking away when they’d see me but now that I’m the source of their livelihood, I get mobbed. This time, I took my camera with me.

After filling a container with food, I opened the door to go out and here’s the sight that greeted me:

Feed me! Feed me!

I don’t know if their humans put food in both bowls but I do just so I can watch the dilemma they have. Which one to eat out of??

A crowded bowl

Where should we eat next?

Twinkle needn’t be jealous.

Licking my toes

Hi there!

I sat on the steps for a few minutes and just watched them. One came over and was licking the back of my ankle until I had to stop it. The little sandpaper tongue was threatening to take off some skin.

This afternoon, I finished reading The Race. I join with Genese in wondering when the second book in the trilogy will be published. And then there’s the third…

After sundown, I opened the latest electric/water bill that came this morning. I have eight cents budget balance so the next bill should show a credit. The rates have gone up so I’m sure I won’t end up as well off as I did last year.

Twinkle is patiently waiting for her bowl to be filled with food. One of my friends stopped me at church today and said she had the same reaction my sister did to “Twinkle Remembered“. She just knew Twinkle had passed on. Not so! She may be skinny but she’s going strong.

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  1. Lila August 4, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    How can I know which SSNet contribution was written by you? Are you considered “staff”? I looked, but didn’t see your name, and I would like to read what it was that brought your son to tears.

    • Tommie August 4, 2013 at 11:40 am #

      It will have my name on it just like the first one did. Yes, I’m considered staff but that page hasn’t been updated in years. The editor has been intending to edit it but she won’t be able to do it any time soon. She told me I could but I’m leery of doing it. I’ll post a link when it’s published.

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