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The katydids have been holding forth for weeks now. I still refuse to believe the tale perpetrated by old wives that, even now, frost is six weeks away. It’s not even August yet! I grant it’s right around the corner but still…

Yesterday, I exercised while I watched the second episode of the sixth season of The Andy Griffith Show. Season six was the first one in color and it just isn’t the same. I wish there were an option on my TV to watch things in black and white. Floyd’s barbershop doesn’t look right. They angled the camera out the window instead of showing the room. I’ll get used to it but I don’t like it even though I’ve seen those episodes over and over. Not today but that’s a different story.

This morning, I did the body test with the Wii Fit. Yesterday, I was tired of it pestering me to reset my goal and deadline so I went ahead and did it. Now, it’s fussing at me because I’m not gaining weight fast enough! I’d accidentally set my goal in the wrong direction. I’ll have to wait for the pestering to begin again to fix it.

Genese’s Internet situation was getting on my nerves so I called IT and tried to report a problem with the public network. The fellow working the desk had all my old info including my work number. I told him I was retired and that wasn’t my number any more. Well, it turns out that ONLY employees of the hospital system can file a ticket. I tried to think of someone I could contact and finally settled on my doctor. Big mistake! He got in touch with the social worker at the nursing home and she sent me the following message on Facebook:

Tommie- I don’t know if you know, but Genese’s computer has been acting up. Initially she thought it might have been the internet, but it is her computer and her computer has been telling her it needs updates that our system blocks. Her children have previously taken and put updates on, but if you would like to put them on and get it back to working, contact Genese by phone. Thanks

I was already on the phone with Genese when that message came in and I’d told her I’d try to get down to help her but it depended on how the day went. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. She let me know I’d sorta gotten her in trouble. She’d been visited and informed that going through the doctor to get things done just wasn’t the process. Genese was unaware I’d contacted him or called IT. IMHO, the doctor is the one who gets results. I’ve learned my lesson, though, and I will stay out of it. Making things harder for Genese is the last thing I want to do.

Genese’s phone has been set up except for the one button dialing. It sounds much better than the little cordless phone I gave her so that’s a plus.

I hurried and ate breakfast, took a shower and got dressed. I was out the door and down the mountain by 1 o’clock.

Genese’s mother and aunt were visiting when I went in and I hated to interrupt. It took forever for the computer to shut down because it was trying to apply updates downloaded who-knows-when. It is so ridiculous that Microsoft is one of the sites that’s blocked.

The ladies left and Genese and I got everything unplugged and ready to go. I’d called the library before I left home and found out that there was a spot I could use that had an outlet. When I got there, the librarian showed me where it was and it’s a really nice setup. There’s a computer drawer that slides out and a power bar is mounted on the wall. She got me a chair and pulled the table behind me back far enough that I could sit comfortably. I set to work.

There were 21 important updates for Windows alone and I updated Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Shockwave, Adobe Reader, Quicktime, iTunes, iCloud, Skype, and I’m sure there’s something else. I downloaded Glary Utilities and when I ran it, there were 352 registry errors, a bunch of invalid shortcuts and over a GB of temporary Internet files that could be cleaned up. I ran it again just before I left and there were a few errors but nothing like there were before.

On my way out, I thanked the librarian for the use of the facility and she hoped everything would be okay. That was three hours later.

The computer was in need of a good physical cleaning so I went to the local discount store and bought a can of compressed air and some cleaning wipes. I’d grabbed some paper towels in the library bathroom so I stood there in the parking lot and spruced it up some. I’d used my nail file at the library to clean between the keys but the canned air did a better job.

Genese was happy to see her computer come in the door. We got it set up, I made sure it was working and came home.

After I drank my water, I had the rest of the cherries, two mangoes and some blueberries and this salad:

Tomato Cucumber Avocado Salad

The color isn’t quite right on it but that’s part of a good ol’ summertime tomato with cucumber and avocado. YUM!!

There are dishes in the sink that can stay there until tomorrow. Nothing got done on the Q4 lessons and I won’t stay up to remedy that. Twinkle has been dosed and fed and I’m going to get some shuteye. Good night.

4 Responses to Geek On Call

  1. Genese July 31, 2013 at 12:13 am #

    I am grateful that you took all that time to fix me up. And I don’t feel like I was in trouble. It’s kind of funny actually.

    • Tommie July 31, 2013 at 7:33 am #

      I was glad to be able to do it. Even if it means you beat me at Wordscraper. And good on you that you weren’t in trouble! I definitely don’t want to make life any harder for you than it already is.

  2. Mary Jane July 31, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    I wish you were close enough to work on my computer!!! I’m sure you’d find plenty of things to do for it.

    • Tommie July 31, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

      Prolly so—like talk you into a new one?

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