A So-so Sort of Day

There was so much going on in my head when I lay down for the night that I couldn’t go to sleep. I’d taken a dose of cough medicine so things were mostly quiet. My sister had warned me not to stress over the results of my x-ray but that was like telling me not to think the word “rabbit”. I’ve prayed and prayed and tried to leave the situation with God but that’s hard to do, too.

A few minutes after midnight, I got up and soaked in the tub until I felt like I might be relaxed. Drying off, I went to the kitchen and took a second dose of cough medicine. That’s unheard of but it was more than four hours since my first dose and I was beginning to cough again. I came into the living room and sat down at the computer. I did a bit more research and sent my doctor a link. DD had emailed me (a rare occurrence) and I emailed her a reply. It was back to bed a little after 1.

I hoped I could sleep in but I was wide awake before 6 as usual. Less than an hour later, I had an email from my doctor wanting to know what on earth I was doing up at 2 a.m. Even though the clock on my computer is set to standard time, the stamp on my email was Eastern Daylight Time.

He recommended a pulmonologist at the Mother Ship. I’ve heard his name for years and understand that he’s excellent. I asked if I should make the appointment or did he think I’d get in more quickly if he did? He said he’d make it and that way he’d be sure to get the notes from the consultation. I haven’t heard anything yet.

It costs to park at the Mother Ship so I called and renewed my membership card that entitles me to free parking. (I hope it still does.) I also called the doctor’s office to make sure he’s a Humana provider and he is. THEN I called Humana to find out how much the co-pay is for a CT scan in case I have to have one. The rep verified that it has to be pre-approved, also. Before we hung up, she told me she hoped my testing went well. I thought that was nice.

DS1 sent a short message saying they would be praying for me.

The rest of the day has been sorta blah. When I went out to get the mail, one of the kittens vacated the deck. I don’t know what’s so attractive.

I heard my CIL’s truck start so I went out to say hello. He’s still having a problem with it but he drove it to the bank. I checked the figs before I came back in. I was going to take some pictures of them yesterday but there was a message on the screen of my camera—“Batteries are exhausted.” Just like me.

The herbs have all gone to seed and there was a strange plant coming up where the oregano is planted. I pulled it up and it had a bigger-than-golf ball ball and then the root. I wondered what it was, dropped it on the ground and came back into the house. When I got inside, I realized it was the avocado my CIL had planted. I went back out, replanted it and watered it well. I hope it makes it. I’d hate to be the one to do it in.

My sister did some research tonight about my ailment. I’m with her that I hope my involvement is minimal.

Tomorrow will be an early day. I have to be at the hearing clinic at 8 TT. Hopefully, my fitting will go the way it should. It’s about time.

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  1. Mary Jane July 26, 2013 at 11:10 am #

    Sorry you had such an awful night! It’s hard to get going after one like that. Hope your appointment will be soon and that you will get good news, as an answer to the many prayers ascending for you.

    • Tommie July 26, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

      I talked to the nurse today and they’re still waiting to hear from the specialist. I appreciate the prayers. I need all I can get.

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