Twinkle Remembered

Twinkle was piled up on my bed this morning, as usual. I went about readying myself and my equipment for my B-12 shot. First, I wash my hands thoroughly and dry them on a paper towel. Then I tear off two more towels and put them where I’m going to do the rest of the preparation. I use the towel I dried my hands on to open the drawer where the syringes and prep pads are. Getting them out, I close the drawer. The B-12 is kept in an empty tissue box so the light can’t get to it. I get it down and rummage around for the most current vial. Then I take the paper off the syringe wrapping, etc., etc. For the second week in a row, Twinkle got off the bed and came out of the bedroom without my prompting her. She waited patiently while I shot myself and went back in later after I’d opened the door. It will be interesting to see if she does it three Sundays in a row.

I slept better last night but it was with help. Normally, if I take cough medicine, it’s just one teaspoon. Last night, it was 1.5 teaspoons. I still coughed some but not as much.

There was a Women’s Ministry meeting this morning to plan God in Shoes. They had to do without me which shouldn’t have been too hard. I emailed the head of it and let her know what I’m willing to do but she’s bad about not checking her messages. It’s my honest opinion that if someone has an email address, they should check it regularly. Why have one otherwise? Her grandson said no one uses email any more, anyway. I don’t know how he figures that. Maybe because all the people he knows are on Facebook?

When I was at Walmart the last time, I bought four peaches and did price match to get them for 89 cents a lub. The man at the roadside stand tried to sell me six peaches for, I think, $5. I told him I’d bought peaches. He wanted to know how much I’d paid and figured I’d probably ended up owing $6 for the four peaches. I don’t know how on earth he came up with that. I checked my sales slip and they were $1.74 and they are GOOD. I had one this morning with blueberries and it was juicy and sweet. Considering the quality of the tomatoes I bought at the stand, I don’t think I’ll bother again.

Peaches and Blueberries

DD called and she’s concerned about my coughing. I voiced my fear that I will end up with a cough the rest of my life like my oldest sister had. I hope not but you never know. I mentioned to her that we might need some rain and lo! and behold! after we hung up, it started thundering and here came a shower. It measured only a quarter inch in the rain gauge but every little bit…And wasn’t it just a week or so ago that we were getting too much?

There’s a lot I planned to do today but didn’t get a round tuit. I wasn’t completely worthless, though. I need to make a list and stick to it until it’s done—and then it will be time to start over again.

The dryer just quit. Time to get the clean clothes out so I can get them dirty. Life is a series of circles and I meet myself coming back.

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  1. Mary Jane July 21, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    You needed rain? How could that be possible? Amazing!

    Maybe Twinkle thinks you’ll give her the shot if she hangs around! It will be interesting to see if she continues that behavior. Wouldn’t you like to know what goes on in her head?

    • Tommie July 21, 2013 at 11:18 pm #

      It runs off the mountain. If it would hang around it would be different. A few days without and it’s evident.

      One of my friends thought I gave her shots. No way! I wouldn’t even attempt it. I’ll watch next Sunday and see what happens. I’ve often wondered what’s she thinks and what I’m saying to her when I meow. No telling!

    • Tommie July 22, 2013 at 8:11 am #

      I figured that might be what people thought but since I’m my mother’s daughter, I left it the way it was.

  2. Lila July 22, 2013 at 7:27 am #

    When I saw your heading, I was afraid Twinkle had died! Was wondering whether to call or send you a sympathy card, or maybe both.

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