Decisions, Decisions!

As soon as I knew the service advisor would be in, I gave him a call yesterday morning. I reported everything that had happened and he agreed that what they’d done wasn’t the solution. However, they had put dye in along with the freon and if there’s a leak, they’ll be able to see where it is. He said he was trying to go the least expensive route for me. I appreciate that. I wonder what tipped him off? The fact that I’m driving a 13 year old car?

Being who I am, I asked for ballpark for the worst case scenario. Well, if they were to have to replace the compressor, it would also involve valves and some other gizmo I can’t remember. OEM would run around $900 but they could find a remanufactured system for less. I don’t need OEM if something else would work just as well. I picked my chin up off the floor and signed off.

Going out to the mailbox, I spied some of my Rose of Sharon in bloom. I’ve heard/read that the flowers are edible and the leaves can be used in salad or mixed with other greens for a cooked dish. I haven’t tried either one. I think they’re pretty to look at, no matter what.

In Full Bloom

The Group

Portrait of Rosie Sharon

Then I wandered back where the neighbors have a big patch of tiger lilies. I wanted to take a picture of one through the fence (which is partially falling down and looks ugly) but the camera focused on the fence and not the lily.

No Manual Focus

I had to hold the camera over the fence to get this one.

Not My Tiger Lily

Today was our monthly church-wide fellowship meal. I spent a lot of the day getting ready for that. I made cookies by a recipe that’s been making the rounds on Facebook (that’s another post) and cooked some bok choy to go over rice. I got the BC ‘way too spicy—I had added ginger and garlic (the latter from the garden) plus some chili garlic sauce. It was a bit too much but I figured I’d wait and see what I could do to remedy that today.

This morning, I tackled correcting the balance of flavors (I watch food shows) in the bok choy. It was still too spicy but I gave up and made a little warning sign to go beside it. I’d cooked a whole bag of organic brown Mekong Flower rice. I think that’s just a fancy name for jasmine rice. I figured there would be rice left over but that would be okay, too.

By the time I got through with tinkering with the food, I didn’t have time to eat. I drank about a cup of almond milk and that was that. If I got hungry in church, it wouldn’t be the first time.

I mentioned to no one that I didn’t have my hearing aids. The superintendent speaks loudly and clearly enough, anyway. I sat almost under the Sabbath School teacher’s nose so I could hear her even if I couldn’t some of the others.

There was a time during church that I wondered if I started playing the prayer response too soon but nothing was said. Maybe I didn’t.

The temperature in the sanctuary was in the “cold enough to hang meat” range. I sat on my hands to warm them up. If I hadn’t had to be on duty, I would have gone outside to warm up.

When the Sabbath School teacher had the children’s story, I couldn’t hear what was being said. I’ve always been able to hear and understand the pastor which is a blessing in itself.

During the meal, one of my friends asked about my hearing aids. I told her I’d returned the last ones I’d been test-driving. Giving up? Oh, no! Those had never been mine, anyway. I was just trying them out. I said my audiologist might wish I’d give up but I wasn’t going to.

Another friend who was sitting beside me asked about my blog. She said she didn’t know what a blog was. Was it like Facebook? I tried to explain to her while her grandson was about to injure himself laughing. He made some remark about her getting information from me. Then he looked at me and asked, “How old are you?” Now, this person is old enough to have a decent mustache and goatee but still young enough to be able to learn. I straightened up in my chair and said, “My mother always said there are two things you never ask a lady—how old she is and how much she weighs.” Normally, when someone asks my age, I tell ’em but he needed a life lesson. For that matter, my year of birth is on both Facebook and this blog so if anyone is curious and can cipher…

The rice toned down the heat considerably and the dish ended up to be spicy enough to be pleasurable. It made quite a hit and I brought home less than a cup. The cookies were well-received, too. There were several desserts but 17 of the 22 cookies were either eaten or taken home. After the meal was over, several of us were in the kitchen trading food. I ended up with some pie, gluten-free zucchini bread and watermelon. A nice little haul. I didn’t need it but when I got home, I poured some almond milk and had it with the zucchini bread. Oh, and the a/c worked part of the way here.

I sent my audiologist a message on Facebook and told her I hoped she was ready to go back to work. I’ve seen her appointment book and it is full. She said she is worn out and just may spend tomorrow sleeping. That’s probably the best idea. We discussed the hearing aid business and may have come up with a solution. I won’t count my chickens before they’re hatched, though.

My sisters are being quiet today. One may not have access to her email. They both have more trouble than I’d put up with. That’s their choice, though.

It seems Genese is awake. She’s some 2k points ahead of me on one of our Wordscraper games and 1MM on the other. She got over a million points on the second word. YIKES!!

Twinkle has slept most of the day so she’s in a prowling mood. I don’t know what she smells but it seems to be very interesting.

4 Responses to Decisions, Decisions!

  1. Mary Jane July 14, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    I was quiet yesterday because I really didn’t have much to write about! But I’ll eventually do it anyway.

    I also just discovered my Rose of Sharon in bloom, and I have lots of orange day lillies blooming near the woods. We used to have other kinds, too, but for some reason they haven’t appeared for a few years.

    Too bad cars (And ears)can’t heal themselves!

  2. Tommie July 14, 2013 at 8:07 am #

    Are you going to eat your flowers? One of my friends told me the buds on the lilies are edible. I tried one and really didn’t care for it but it was raw. It might be more palatable cooked. As for the cars (and ears), I totally agree!

  3. Lila July 14, 2013 at 7:40 pm #

    One reason I have been quiet is that it has not been quiet here for the past ten days. Now, I am back to business as usual. Will be interested in the developments with your car and your aids.

    • Tommie July 14, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

      And sooner than later!

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