A Reprieve

This morning I woke to a cloudy sky. Nothing unusual about that. Lately, clouds and rain have been par for the course. There was no sign of sun. I was tempted to turn on my light box just to get some kind of rays into my life. This weather can be depressing.

Later in the morning, the sun burned through. I was amazed and thrilled! It was such a rare occurrence, I took a picture:

Blue Sky

Not long after that, it clouded up again and started raining. It didn’t last long but it helped put another 1/4″ in the rain gauge since yesterday.

This afternoon, the sun came out in earnest and heated up everything. The temperature sensor was in the sun so I know it wasn’t right but it showed heat in the mid-90’s.

I’ve been eyeing the carrots so I went out and pulled one. It wasn’t very big but it was the first one since I grew them in Nebraska years ago.

My First Carrot

The ones I grew out there were huge. These really haven’t had much time to grow, though. I pulled another one later and made some vegetable soup with a small potato, an onion and two ribs of celery. It was good. The carrots are a pale orange. Oh, and I put some of the tops in just for the flavor. They’re a bit tough.

I bit the bullet and called the Honda place about my air conditioner. It’s gotten to be a safety issue during this monsoon season. Before, it was just comfort or lack thereof. I’m hoping and praying it will be affordable. I’m finally going to cash in my free oil change I got years ago when the timing belt was changed.

Today has been a lazy day. I think the last two days of extreme driving took their toll. I did sleep better last night.

Twinkle hasn’t eaten as much today. I’m torn about what to do. I can’t afford to take her in weekly for a B12 injection but I hate to just let her get skinnier and skinnier, either. Why can’t life be easy?

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