If It’s Gonna Happen…Part 3

Twinkle’s food had come in. Twinkle was long overdue for lab work. The a/c in the car is iffy at best so I didn’t want to chance having Twinkle cooped up in a box in a sweltering car. I drank my water, had my quiet time, took a shower, roused Twinkle from a sound sleep to take her captive and set out. The air conditioner worked! Twinkle was quite vocal during the trip there but not really loud. I hadn’t taken time to put in the hearing aids so maybe I just couldn’t hear her very well.

We got to the Animal Hospital at about 7:45 TT which was 8:45 there. The waiting room was empty. A young man came in wanting to buy some flea stuff. He asked what was in the box and I told him it was Twinkle, an unhappy cat. No, nothing was wrong with her. Routine lab work and a weigh-in. He peered in the holes in the box and talked to her a bit. I think it made her nervous. Soon there was somewhat of a stench that slowly dissipated.

After a half-grown male Rottweiler and his human left, we were called back to the exam room. I warned the young woman that Twinkle either had gas or had pooped in the box. As usual, Twinkle was a good patient and didn’t object to being picked up. Normally, she likes being held on her own terms but it’s different when she goes to see the vet.

I sat on the bench next to the wall while she was taken into the back to be stuck and weighed. When she was brought back in, the girl told me she was 6 lubs down from 6.8. That’s 12.8 ozzies—a lot of weight for a small feline to lose. The vet checked her over and gave her a B12 injection to try to stimulate her appetite. The girl told me I wouldn’t be charged for an office visit if the vet didn’t come into the exam room. I knew it was going to be expensive, anyway, so I elected to forgo the face to face meeting.

Twinkle was secured in her box again (no poop was found) and I went out to pay the damages. Handing over my credit card, I authorized a payment of $132.06. The cat food had gone up $2 and there was 9.75% sales tax. OUCH!! The lady at the desk carried the cat food to the car and I took Twinkle in her box. The a/c worked on the way home, thank the Lord!

When I brought Twinkle into the house, I set the box on the rebounder and took off the tape. It was several minutes before she ventured out and she roamed around the house inspecting everything for the next half hour.

With everything as it should be, I sat down and checked my email. There was one from the credit card company. The subject was, “You Are Nearing Your Credit Line” What?? I knew that couldn’t be true. It had me at -$1639. I clicked on the link to take me to the web site. Nothing looked out of the ordinary there except for the fact that the two charges that should have been one were still showing up. I should know the phone number to customer service by now but I had to find it.

I wish I could see everything the rep sees but the site isn’t set up that way. She saw a credit for one of the charges. It did show up for me. After she assured me everything was okay, she switched me to an associate on the website side. There was some lame excuse about the email system doesn’t fully coordinate with the transactions on the website and while it was confusing, there was nothing to worry about.

After I hung up, I started figuring. From what I could tell, the system was looking at the two charges, adding them, then looking at the credit as another charge and adding it in to make a triple charge. The difference between those and the negative figure in the email was—$132. That’s the amount of Twinkle’s food and visit. These people need to get their act together.

On top of that, I had an EOB from Humana for the radiologist’s charge. I owe nothing. I went to the web site and the charge for the chest x-ray had been processed. I owe $50. If I had a supplement, it would cover that but I would have to pay for the supplement. I think this is a better deal.

I don’t remember if I dreamed last night or not. Night before last, there was a vine that went around my bedroom and it was filled with white flowers. They looked like plumeria but they didn’t have much fragrance.

This morning, I got to the church before anyone else and started testing out the hearing aids. These do have better sound. When church was over, I didn’t have as much of a headache as I’ve had before. The frustrating thing is that the domes are too small. Once, I went into the bathroom and got the right one put in so I thought it would stay. Not long after, it was pulled out again. I miss the curlicues, too, that the others have, like this:


The audiologist says she has some that will fit on these. According to her, some people like them and some don’t. I don’t know whether I do or not but I’d like to try them.

My friend with the greenhouse brought me some more cucumbers. I’d saved my last one to eat today so she was just in time.

This afternoon, I hoped to catch my neighbor/cousin so I could take a picture of him with the fig tree. It’s hard to get an idea of just how big it is. When I walked out of the house, not only was he out there but so were my other neighbor/cousin and her sister (who is also my cousin) and her husband (who is my cousin-in-law)! I got a picture of three of them looking for the baby figs:

Looking for the figs.

Then the couple turned around and gave me some smiles. They agreed that I could post the picture here.


I surely do miss those two! I don’t get to see them much any more.

The Wordscraper game is down to the wire. I’ve blanked out the tiles I have since Genese would probably be able to tell where I might be planning to play. She could figure them out by elimination, anyway.

Neck & Neck

Since she doesn’t seem inclined to play another word tonight, I think I’ll go on to bed.

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