Pinto Beans and Cornbread

That’s what my sister emailed she’d had today (among other things). I’d had a yen for the same things. I cooked a pot of beans this morning and made a “pone” of cornbread this afternoon. I still need to get my ingredients/technique right for making vegan cornbread. I used The Vegg which added richness and an authentic “egg” taste. The cornbread has a good flavor and the crust is crispy but the inside is kind of gummy—not raw gummy. Just gummy. I’ll try splitting it and heating it tomorrow. My father loved cornbread and milk so I grew up eating it that way. I’ve tried it with almond milk and it’s just as yummy as I remember it.

My meal started with peach nectar I’d made last summer and stowed in the freezer. Besides the beans and cornbread, I had a roasted Kennebec potato, a roma tomato and half a lovely organic heirloom cucumber my friend gave me yesterday.

My B12 went better than usual this week. I’ve been gritting my teeth and setting my jaw in order to steel myself for the stick. This time, I prayed and I got through it with far less trepidation. It doesn’t hurt but it’s just not my favorite fun thing to do. If I could afford patches, I’d give up on the shots. The patches are more than a bit outside my budget.

After my shower, I put my hearing aids on/in. I remembered a trick the audiologist told me about and put vaseline on the backs of my ears. The aids weren’t totally comfortable then but better. I took them off maybe 10 minutes ago and it’s getting close to 9 now. I’m going to give them a good try. The color is beginning to look not quite so bad but I still wish they’d sent the color I wanted.

My cousin was home for a little while. She’d mowed most of their yard when the mower conked out. She said it was the pulley and I thought she meant how she starts it but it’s the mechanism that turns the blade. If the grass/weeds don’t get high enough to bushhog over here, she’ll mow this next week. They do have a push mower and I’m not beyond using it. When I told her I could, she said no. Okay. It’s their mower and I won’t use it if she doesn’t want me to.

DD called and we talked over two hours. I was hoping the job situation would have resolved itself but it looks as though it will have to have her help. I told her she was welcome to come home and share in my pinto beans. I’m not going to put out the welcome mat quite yet. While we were talking, I heard Twinkle hocking up a hairball. Nice.

My sister emailed an account of their activities while they were on vacation in Pigeon Forge. Of course, they had to hit the outlet mall. The stores have changed a lot and some of the ones they were planning to visit are no longer there. They toured the Titanic Museum and saw a lot of fascinating things.

I’d planned to get a lot done on the templates for Q4 but did I? Nooooooo! The editor was away from home so she hadn’t had Internet access much of the past few days. She didn’t know the lessons were done and I don’t know if she’s had a chance to get my last message. I did get all the lessons downloaded to my folder so I can make any needed corrections without wondering if I have the latest files.

There’s supposed to be rain every day this week with the best chance on Thursday. I called the Animal Hospital on Friday and ordered a case of Twinkle food and guess when it’s supposed to be in??! Thursday! Just my luck.

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  1. Lila June 24, 2013 at 5:54 am #

    I hope your sister told you about the beautiful view from the cabin in Pigeon Forge. The entire valley was laid out before us, surrounded by mountains. One morning most of the valley was enshrouded in fog. You would have had a hey day with your camera!

    • Tommie June 24, 2013 at 7:41 am #

      Yes, she did. She said, “I felt almost like I was in an airplane looking down at the wide landscape!” She also said there were TVs everywhere but she never turned one on.

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