Working Overtime

Not me. My brain. I have a whopper of a headache after I wore hearing aids #3 to church. I really liked the way they picked up voices. Whatever they were feeding my gray matter was something else. It must have been like a foreign language to it. I didn’t realize until later just how hard it was trying to comprehend what was going on.

Going back to yesterday, there isn’t a whole lot to report about me. I did laundry, dishes, got my clothes ready for church, cleaned, fixed and ate meals, etc., etc. I was glad to see the lessons were completed for the next quarter. The editor wanted me to try my hand at doing the mobile version but I didn’t have to. The HTML expert took over after I pointed him to the templates and was done in no time, it seemed.

DS1 called in the afternoon. He sounded very subdued. I asked him what had happened and he told me his mother-in-law had passed away. Bless her heart. She had been so sick for so long, I couldn’t wish it hadn’t happened. It will be hard on my DIL, though. They were very close and talked daily—sometimes more than once. I just knew I had my DIL’s cell phone number in my Google contacts but I don’t. Whenever I call her, it’s either at the church or on DS1’s phone.

This morning when I got to church, the ladies were preparing for Communion. I went on in and started playing. The aids did fine with the organ and when the pianist started playing, I was able to turn the piano down so it didn’t drown me out. I could still hear me. Then the trumpeter started. He’s really good but it’s so loud with my aids. I stopped playing briefly to try to turn it down and succeeded somewhat. I enjoy the trumpet and it adds a lot to the service. I think there’s a way to turn the aids off with the remote and that might be the answer. It would mean I couldn’t hear the requests—again.

The talk the pastor gave today was out of the ordinary. He asked for a young male volunteer to come and his feet washed while we all looked on. No one would volunteer so the pastor “volunteered” his son. The whole point of the “show and tell” was to impress upon us how very dirty the disciples’ feet were. He had plastic to keep the dirt off the carpet, then he proceeded to turn the dirt he’d brought into mud which he put on his son’s feet. It took two washings to get it all off. When we go for Communion, we make sure we are clean so the washing is symbolic. When Jesus was on the earth, it was needed to get the travel-worn feet presentable. He brought out that we sometimes think we have to be clean before we can come to Jesus but we are accepted just as we are. It was very effective.

The men left the sanctuary and went back to the fellowship hall. The pastor’s wife came up to hug me and stepped on my foot. She was horrified when she realized what she’d done and asked if I had someone to take part with me. I’d asked another lady already so I said yes. She said she felt she should wash my poor foot and massage it where she’d stepped on it. It hadn’t hurt, I’m glad to say.

I went and collected my partner and we participated, then caught up a bit after. She’d had a near serious accident the other day. It had been raining and she went around a curve too fast ending up going off the road and almost rolling her vehicle. Fortunately, it only tipped and then set back down rightside up. Things can happen so quickly.

The pianist is also the head deaconess. She had picked out a series of hymns for us to play during the time between the Ordinance of Humility and the Lord’s Supper. I was on, I think, the fourth song before she was able to get away and join in.

I’d asked the pastor to go see Genese so after the service was over, I was heading to the car. One of my friends gave me some cucumbers from her greenhouse but that took only seconds. I stopped to talk for a minute with another friend and she started telling me an experience she had when she was very young. I knew the pastor was on his way to the nursing home but I couldn’t just walk off.

Sure enough, when I hurried into Genese’s room, the pastor was already there. It wasn’t like he was a complete stranger, though. She’d been visited by his wife and mother-in-law and she’d heard his voice on tape. They were chatting away like they’d known each other for years.

He stayed, I think, longer than he planned but any visit with Genese is interesting. She told him about her son-in-law who had tangled with a train and lost both legs. Of course, she had to show off pictures of her grandchildren. He had prayer before he left to go to an elders’ meeting.

Genese’s right hearing aid was cutting out now and then so I changed the battery. We figured I might as well clean it, too. The stem comes off differently than mine does and I had a bit of a fight with it before it gave way. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to find the hole to put the cleaning straw through, either, with my tremor but I managed. She is hearing well again. One day, a staffmember was out in the hallway and said something which Genese repeated to her. The girl said, “We’re getting rid of those aids!” Ladies (and gents), you have to be careful what you say now. Genese can hear you.

One of her many friends came in to visit so I left and came home.

I bought half a dozen roma tomatoes on Wednesday. Today I discovered that three were completely beyond using and the fourth was barely salvageable. I made a big salad and put the rest of that tomato, a whole cucumber (it was so good!), onion, avocado and olives with the romaine and dressed it all with black salt and lime juice. I’d already eaten two apricots and three nectarines. I should be good until tomorrow.

My sisters spent most of the week on holiday and just got back yesterday. I missed their emails while they were gone. They haven’t said a lot about what they did but I’m sure it was all enjoyable.

Twinkle is hinting that she wants some food. What she doesn’t know is, she’ll get the B12 first.

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  1. Lila June 22, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    I’m wondering why you don’t just settle for the hearing aids that fit so well in the beginning. Bet they’d be many times better than mine.

    • Tommie June 22, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

      Because I’m not willing to settle for third best. These are much more easily adjusted. It’s just that my brain is still learning to hear sounds it hasn’t heard for years. As for the fit, there’s one more option for aids that are smaller than the ones I have now. I’ll see how it goes for the next week and a half before I decide about them.

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