A Tour of the Estate

Still in my housecoat, I took the wrapped and guesstimated DVD out to the mailbox. Coming back, my neighbor/cousin-in-law (CIL) came out and we visited a bit. We had to look at all the plantlife in and around the garden spaces. I didn’t have my camera but it was a bit too sunny for taking pictures, anyway.

Later, I was surprised to see clouds roll in and hear the patter of raindrops on the roof of the deck. When there was a break in the precipitation, I went out and made good on my promise to get the flowers, etc., on film—er, card.

First, the allium in full bloom. The fig tree is in the background and my CIL figures it’s a good 16′ tall.


The carrots are a bit spotty thanks both to Pooky and poor germination of the unusual colored crop. One of the tomato plants set out by CIL yesterday afternoon is in the left foreground. A volunteer is to the right.

Carrots and Tomatoes

I don’t get too close to the prickly pear. It’s almost hidden by all the weeds. There’s a row of the spiny critters.

Prickly Pear

The fig tree is loaded with the promise of luscious fruit.


Mother wouldn’t eat figs because she said a little insect had to crawl into the fruit and die for it to bear. This is a brown turkey fig and it doesn’t require pollination. I doubt that would have made any difference to her.

There used to be more tiger lilies around but I guess the squirrels have fallen down on burying the bulbs. They’ve concentrated on black walnuts instead.

Tiger Lilies

And now for a closeup…

Tiger Lily

That concludes the tour.

There’s a vine that has taken up residence on the house up close to the roof. CIL is on a mission to destroy it. I wished him luck. He said he’d already cut the stem that went to the ground. I told him it’s a parasite. That’s when he laughed and indicated it isn’t the ex-Squatter. I asked him if he ever hears from the man but he said no. I think he prefers it that way.

Now a couple of things from yesterday. When the aud was fitting the hearing aids, she told me a new remote is coming out and when it does, mine should be replaced at no charge. It will have six buttons instead of five. The ones I have now are:

    1. Universal (aka automatic)
    2. Music
    3. Noisy environment
    4. Tek/TV
    5. Outdoor/sports

Another setting can be for my phone if I ever get it to work with the remote.

For the last couple of days there has been a U-Haul parked at the house to the north. I haven’t seen people around a lot but I heard a dog. However, it may belong to the people down the road. CIL said he can’t have his bedroom window open at night because of its barking. I can’t hear it. CIL’s house is between it and me.

I managed to wear the aids (I’m not going to call them “mine” any more until I’m sure I’ll be keeping them) most of the day. My ears were beginning to protest along about 8 o’clock so they are in their little compact thingy waiting for tomorrow. I wish I could get as good hearing aids that would be as comfortable as the first ones. That would be ideal.

Yesterday about wore me out. I have gotten next to nothing done today. Twinkle doesn’t know how lucky she is.

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