All Ears and Eyes

When I was sure the office was open, I was on the phone to make an appointment to get my third (and, hopefully, last) set of hearing aids. I didn’t wait for the receptionist to return my call. I was what you’d term “antsy”. There was no patience. No waiting. She said she had it written down to call me but I beat her to the punch.

She put me on hold (and their music is very nice) while she went to confer with the audiologist. After what seemed an eternity, she came back and asked if I could be there at 11:30. That’s 10:30 TT. Could I? Yes, I could! It was 8:20 TT by then.

I juned around and got as much done in the following hour and a half as I usually accomplish in the course of a day. Showered and dressed, I was in the car and down the mountain in record time.

Seemingly eons after I got there, I was called to the inner sanctum where I was fitted with the little aids. They aren’t the color I selected but closer to what the audiologist liked. That’s okay. They are barely visible when I have them on. She gave me some extra stems and domes to take to Genese.

I took some pictures this evening of them and their accoutrements.

Drawers and Doors

They have a bit of a design on them.


The back is a different color than the what would you call it? body?

Two Views

The case in the case.

Inside the Top

There’s little travel case that has everything one would need for the care and keeping of the hearing aids.

Carrying Case

And now for a size comparison.

Smaller Hearing Aids

I was so relieved when the aud pulled up the program on the computer and started setting them up. According to the “dummy” one she’d tried when I ordered them, they weren’t going to address all my “trouble spots”. With the actual one, there’s more than enough space to play with. I’m covered.

Now, I knew I wasn’t imagining things when my ears (and head) were getting sore. She explained the little battery door had been redesigned to make it easier to open and, in the process, the aid was just a bit thicker. It might not have been much but it was enough to cause problems. I didn’t have any difficulty opening the battery door on the old ones. If they’d just leave well enough alone…

She told me to go forth and play with my clicker. She said I do better than most because I wear my aids so much of the time.

Speaking of time, I had an appointment in the afternoon to get my eyes checked. I dashed to the hospital to pick up the DVD of my chest x-rays, then on to Walmart to do my grocery shopping. For the first time since I’ve been wearing hearing aids, the cooling contraptions in the ceiling didn’t deafen me. That was a relief!

I zoomed up the mountain, hauled in everything but the giant bag of cat litter, put the groceries away, ate two squares of chocolate and was off again.

I’d never been to this optometrist before. As a matter of fact, it was years ‘n’ years since I’d been to any optometrist. There were a few reasons I was going.

    1. My doctor told me I should have my eyes checked.

    2. I don’t do everything my doctor tells me to do.

    3. I figure I owe him (my doctor) one.

    4. I’ve been having more floaters than usual.

    5. Humana pays for one eye exam a year and $100 on glasses.

I allowed time to find the place as well as getting paperwork filled out.

The general area isn’t unknown to me so I found the office without much trouble. I’d been told the optometrist had recently given birth but would be back to work this week. That’s why I was surprised when a tall, good-looking cheerful balding man walked in and introduced himself. I stuttered and stammered and he laughed saying I could come back in three weeks if I wanted. No, that was fine. Let’s get this done.

Asking about the floaters, I gave an answer and he said, “Have you worked in the healthcare field?” I confessed that I’d been employed by a hospital for 24.5 years.

Doing a preliminary test, he seemed impressed that I can see as well as I do without glasses. “I guess you use them to read?” No. Don’t need them.

Then he started with the “does this look better or does this” bit. Satisfied, he asked if I minded if he dilated my eyes. I told him I was driving so could he give me a child’s dose (some advice I’d read on Facebook). He agreed he could give me the weaker solution so off we went.

I’d agreed to having a test for $25 that showed the back of my eyeballs (retina/macula) so that was next. When my eyes were fully dilated, a lady took me to another room and took their pictures. She had to repeat one but it was no big deal. Then I went back to the exam room. He said I could take the picture home and put it on the fridge. I told him I’d put it on my blog instead.

The Back of My Eyeballs

He explained that the my eyeballs are healthy. No rips or tears in the macula. There’s just a slight beginning of a cataract but nothing even close to having surgery.

I told him about my experience with the glutathione IV push and said that I’ve continued with an oral suspension daily. He approved. I can’t find a doctor around here who will do the push or I’d go that route.

The opto peered into my eyes, tested my peripheral vision, tested me for glaucoma then asked, “Have you ever had a thorough test for your field of vision?” I said I’ve been tested multiple times with a huge egg-shaped shell and a clicker. “Let me guess,” said I. “The right optic nerve is larger than the left.” Yes, the right is 6 and the left is 5.5. Uh-huh. That’s what it was back in the late 90’s. I was told then I couldn’t have done better on the tests if I had cheated. He asked if I would agree to having one today at no charge just for his own, I guess, amusement. Okay. Let’s do it.

He’d already tested to see if my vision was back to normal enough for me to drive. I could read the letters that indicated good enough for the DOT. He said I would be free to go after the visual field test.

I stared at the black dot and clicked whenever I saw a blip on the radar and the lady said I’d done well.

Paying my $25 bill, I glanced out at the sunny day and asked what time they closed. When I indicated I would stay until my eyes got closer to normal, the lady at the desk gave me some shades.


Carefully, very carefully, I drove home. Looking in the mirror, I saw my eyes were still very dilated.


Then I concentrated on just one.

One Eye

Even now, my eyes don’t feel normal.

There was a knock at the door so I put the shades back on and answered it. “Yesssssss?” I stepped out onto the deck. My CIL took one look and said, “WHOA!!” I explained and showed him my eyes. It was still too bright so I put the shades back on.

He had two tomato plants he wanted to put in one of the grow boxes. I told him to have at it. We admired the carrots and the blooms on the prickly pear cacti. He was bowled over by all the little figlets on the fig tree.

After we talked some, he went his way and I came back in and had supper.

It’s been a full day and I’m ready to call it. Twinkle hasn’t been dosed yet so I’ll have to take care of that. Soon as I do and feed her, it will be beddy-bye for me.

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